Byron Nelson thoughts tomorrow

I will give you this random thought today.

What if all oil wasn’t just fossil fuel and the earth produced and replenished it.

I recently found out this might be possible.

I don’t want to spark a debate on global warming or any other number of political debates.

My point is about golf instruction and the golf swing.

What if everything we thought and were ever taught was complete BS?




  1. Wally

    The Nazi war machine ran on synthetic fuel.
    That other stuff is BS toooo technical
    who the heck is Keegan Bradley????

  2. Calvin D

    Bee-yoo-tee-ful post.

    I think it entirely probable that everything we
    are taught is BS.

    The golf nut has yet to be cracked.

  3. Andrew from Addis

    Hmmm… Been thinking of trying a Nunchuk shaft – its inventor, Gerry Hogan, would argue that just about everything to do with golf equipment and teaching is BS.


  4. s.

    You are right on both counts. Not wanting to go political…but, the one of the constituents of the core of the earth is methane, a hydrocarbon..heat + pressure = you’re right.

    Geology, history, archeology, astronomy, medicine, golf …as somebody wrote, “The greatest obstacle to discovery is not ignorance; it is the illusion of knowledge.”

    • Monte Scheinblum

      s. you are so right. Reminds me of the quote from the head of the US patent office in like 1890.

      He said everything that will be invented, had been invented.

  5. BernardP

    Who wants to see something really refreshing about the golf swing?

    His eight-part detailed explanation has low production values but is very interesting:

    • woody

      Bernard, it’s a step in the right direction, but it might be even easier than that.

      During a golf swing, you can basically get feedback from two objects: the feel of the object in your hands, and the resistance of the ground against your feet.

      Why involve the clubhead (or even the shaft)? You can’t see it at any time during your swing, besides address. The only thing that you know about the clubhead is what your hands tell you. Really, the club is just an extension of your hands. There is only one thing that will deliver the clubhead to the ball: hand-eye coordination.

      If the clubhead is “going faster than you can safely drive a car,” why not just do the right thing with your hands (going MUCH slower)? And then, the club will do the right thing automatically.

      P.S. You might need to use the ground to get your hands to do the right thing.

  6. BernardP

    Thanks for your comments woody. In the past, I have tried to concentrate on the feel in my hands, with mixed reasults. I agree with you that any sensation from the club has to be felt through the hands.

    I also see your point about feeling the ground through the feet, but this is not something that talks to me regarding golf. But as an expert skier, I can tell you that I get almost all my sensations through “feeling” the snow and its interaction with the skis’ edges through my feet.

    I’m convinced that an expert golfer has a vivid and continuous sensation of what the club is doing. Me… I just short-circuit somewhere in my backswing and it’s almost a total blur from there until after impact. Then I feel what has happened.

    • woody

      Bernard…an expert skiier? I’ll bet you didn’t learn from “Ski” magazine, because they try to teach skiing by positions, or did when I was learning.

      What I was trying to say about the hands is that the club is following the hands all the way through impact (but catching up fast). If you try to do something with the clubhead, your hands might stop, in an effort to force the club to speed ahead.

      I’ll bet a lot of people do just that–based on what the instructor above said about grip pressure. With light grip pressure, you don’t have the capability to stop your hands to force the club ahead. You have to let it release.

      Video 2 above (by Ron S.) looks like a good demonstration of the release.

      • BernardP

        Exactly! I learned skiing from age 12, spending as much as 75 days per season on the slopes when I was in college/university. Mileage and more mileage, and attacking any terrain in any condition.

        In fact, I find reading the “tips” in ski magazines even more depressing than those in golf magazines… “roll the knees”…”swivel you ankles”… “extend/retract your legs”…”push down your toes”… Skiing can’t be learned intuitively if one tries to move body parts around. Sounds familiar?

        There is basically a couple of basic concept to skiing: unweighting at the right time then applying pressure skillfully to the edges. I have always thought that underneath good golf, there are also just a few simple concepts. Trying to control body parts during a 1 to 2 second swing is not the answer.

  7. rojoass

    nothing wrong with hitting with your hands……unless you happen to be holding it with your shoulders……….

    • Gunnar

      I agree. It´s really hard to manipulate your hands in order to swing the club differently. It´s easier to take an influence on the movement of your shoulders…the hands can be seen as part of the club already which just do the appropriate movement that results out of the shoulder turn.
      Just an idea


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