Mothers and fathers teaching their children

I think it’s great for parents to take the time to go to the range and guide their children into this game.

“Here’s a basic grip, here is what proper balance is, now go whack it and have fun.”

That is where the instruction should end. Not only because odds are anything further will be too complicated or just plain wrong, but mostly because that will take the fun of learning out of it for them. In addition, they are more likely to find their own natural swing all by themselves without any outside interference.

There is a line that gets crossed all the time and it really pains me when I see it. A 25 handicap parent talking plane, lag and other technical terms to a 10 year old…or having a 4 year old getting a lesson from a pro, while the parent hovers.

To me, this is borderline child abuse. If you are one of these parents and you mean well, I apologize for offending you, but I am saving you from your child resenting you, and/or quitting the game.

If you are one of those parents that is going to force greatness in golf on your children, let your children have some fun and they will end up being better in the end because what you are telling them is not helping…LOL. Sorry, but it’s true.

There is a line from the awful sequel to The Bad News Bears.

“Let them play!”




  1. Calvin D

    I think if that were not true that Freddie Couples, Lee Trevino and David Duval could never have evolved.

  2. s.

    In some cases, we can learn more from them than they can learn from us. 2 year-old:

  3. WUZ

    Just a note based on personal experience. Fifty years ago, when I was introduced to the game, I was handed a “brassy,” a 7 iron, 9 iron, and a putter. I was given basic instruction about the grip and stance. After that the only instruction I got was “hit the ball.” When I was allowed on the golf course, the instruction I received was, “don’t hold anybody up — just go up to the ball and hit it, otherwise you will not be allowed on the course.


  4. Will

    I’m planning on taking my 5 year old to the range for the first time this season. All I’m gonna tell him is to hit it as hard as he can and keep his balance. But my two year old girl is the real golf nut. She goes around trying to swing anything that she can get two hands on.

    Kids seem to do a pretty good job swinging the club if you let them figure it out with limited intervention on our parts. I know that my kids are very independent and don’t like too many instructions; they’d lose interest in the game. Until and unless my kids show a real talent, and display a real desire to get serious about the game, my plan is to leave them alone and let them hit it.

  5. Wally

    This is what the “golf industry” wants, unqualified parents teaching their kids to have crappy swings so that when they become adults they can take lessons and buy more stuff to “HELP STRAIGHTEN OUT THEIR GAME” and also help the Chinese economy.
    Nice post monte Monday I shoot 72 and today I couldn’t break 90 on the same course. Should I give Sean Foley a call?

  6. Wally

    But then again, give the parents’ credit for spending time with their children


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