Testimonials on my recent clinic in Columbus, OH




  1. 12PackAbs

    I’m posting here for anyone who’s found this page, but didn’t click the LINK to testimonials.

    Click the LINK to testimonials.

    Blowing sunshine isn’t my style, but if you’re on a golf blog, you’re probably seeking golf instruction…watching videos from dozens of teachers, and wondering who’s info you can trust. This guy, you can trust..regardless of your current level. Trust me.

    Disclaimer: I only know Monte from a recent 3 day clinic in NJ. He’s a little too color-coordinated for a man his age. But after those 3 days I understood more about MY swing, and what I need to improve than any instruction I’ve had previously.

  2. toby

    Why the logo change? Kinda like the old one better…

  3. Jim Dunlop

    I wish I could comment on enjoying one of Monte’s clinics, but I can’t imagine being in a position to attend one. I’ve got so much out of his videos and I have purchased his extended short game vids. Great stuff.


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