2D plane lines and angles drive me nuts…

…when they are used as a goal/pursuit.

Nearly all 2D pursuits need to be abandoned.

Now if there is an overall improvement in the swing, the 2D lines and angles will improve, can be used as a measure of improvemnet, but they are not the goal.

In other words, 2D will show the improvement, but not the direction.

Yes……..lag is a 2D pursuit. As is constant spine angle, shaft plane and pretty much everything else that is “pop instruction.”

Here is a basic example of what I mean. Had a lesson the other day where the guy had one of the worst (steered) backswings I had ever seen. Hands working out away from him, shaft rolling and wrists not setting, very little hip turn and a massive spin and cast from the top.

First thing he says, “I know I have a really good on plane backswing, but I need serious help with my lag.”

We had a 30 minute discussion about 2D plane lines, lag being a result and I showed him how out of position and crossed up all of his body parts were. He was in fact perfectly on plane with his club head.

He had tunnel vision on videos of his swing and I opened his eyes to the rest and he went ballistic and the expletives flew. His previous instructor spent over 20 lessons, painstakingly forcing him to get that club on that 2D line at every position. If he showed up an inch off at P2 or 3, they spent the whole lesson grinding on that spot. I was reminded of the video below.

Anyways…I got him to set his wrists and turn in a cohesive motion…and VIOLA, we got the 2D plane, his rhythm improved. Let me re-phrase, he actually had some rhythm and he immediately started hitting it better. I’d post the before and afters, but he was mortified and embarrassed he took this journey. Although I shared some of my own stupidity with him, he still did not want the shame and I didn’t push.




  1. Peter R.

    Great info. It would be great if there was a way to computer analyze a body’s various ranges of motion and power and then fit the best possible swing into that range. Aiming an amateur for a given pro’s swing is a recipe for disaster AND expense. Hell even a gift pro changing swings is confused and hitting bad shots more than good for a long time.

    Some instructors confuse and mess your swing up for a long time, I’ve jokingly coined it Post Instruction Suck Syndrome (PISS). I finally found and stuck with one who moves me forward but never leaves me worse than I walked in.

    A gifted teacher recognizes that and moves his student through the possible towards the goal of the best possible repeatable impact.

    If I ever get close enough to a Monte lesson I will take it, until then he’s gifting us with great insight and experience.

    Thanks Monte

  2. Calvin

    That damned gorilla. I selected counting passes and the hairy one crept in on me.

  3. Jordan

    “But did you see the gorilla?”

    Haha. Of course I saw the gorilla! That SOB made me lose count of the passes!

  4. Paul

    Yikes – that really sucks for that guy, however,
    Hes lucky he found you to help fix him.
    If I could have you as my pro/coach for a summer
    I’m pretty sure I could get pretty good at least
    By my standards which aren’t too lofty.


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