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  1. Tim Horan

    I was having audio trouble so didn’t stay the whole time, but it seemed like you and Clint had different philosophies of the short game, he with the Dave Pelz “take it back to 9 o’clock” and you, “speed up the right arm.” I like yours better, but how did things get resolved?

  2. James

    I listened to it but that Clint guy was horrible. Dominated the conversation and his approach to his students is pretty antiquated, do you agree Monte? I mean he said if his student shoots 100 and 58 of those strokes are from 100 yards in then that’s what they should be working on. Say 35 of those strokes are putts then that’s only 5 strokes left from PGA tour averages. So that really means to me that working on his putting a ton is mostly a waste of time. Taking putting out that leaves 23 strokes from 100 yards in vs 42 in the long game. Pretty clear to me the student should be working on his driver and approach shots first and foremost.

  3. Basil

    Concur that Clint dominated the discussion but felt more questions were directed at him by host, so Monte not given a fair opportunity.
    Unfortunate, because Monte had more substance in his simple yet revealing explanations. To me, Monte sounds like he has just walked off the range after giving a lesson – fresh, passionate & keen to pass on his knowledge. The other guy is the opposite – I would recommend him as a cure for insomniacs.

  4. billy wolfe

    just found you three weeks ago. I have played for over fifty years and I can’t begin to tell you how much I have learned about the golf swing in that length of time you are light years ahead of anyone else.


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