My current driver swing

This is about as clean a move as I have ever gotten with my driver. It’s not as clean as my 8-iron swing that I will add as well below it. That is what I am striving for.

It’s was 125 MPH club head speed with a path 1* to the right, an angle of attack up 4 and a face to path of 1* left.

So about as good of a swing as I can produce.

I am going to shorten it up a bit and lose 2-4 mph, but likely link up my arms better and not double clutch my hip action coming into impact. The “experts” may get sexually aroused over that action in Rory, but it’s not optimal.




  1. Jake G


    “The “experts” may get sexually aroused over that action in Rory, but it’s not optimal.”

    LMFAO. One of your all time best quotes!

  2. Tim Mooney

    Driver swing has a quicker tempo than 8 iron. Slow that driver down just a tad and you’ll be as happy with it as you are with your 8 iron.

  3. Spekrul

    Great looking swing! So, who is a pro that has an “optimal” swing?

  4. Eric Craig

    Hey Monte, both swings look fantastic. What’s the shot shape that 8 iron swing is producing?

  5. peepee

    For your driver swing your right foot stays planted till very late like its a short iron. Is this intentional or the result of doing everything else well up to that point. When I focus on trying to keep my right foot planted for as long as possible I find I drive the ball much more consistently.

  6. pcb_duffer

    Monte, do you have a second camera so that you can also shoot these videos from a 12 o’clock (relative to you) position? I seem to pick up more info with that perspective, even if I can’t physically make some of the moves you do.

    • Byron

      What you request is a FO (Face On) view. Monte has given us only the DTL (Down The Line) view. I too would like to see a FO view.


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