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  1. Derrick

    Your YouTube videos along with your “Use The Bounce” video have really helped my game over the last few weeks (when I discovered them lol). Had massive issues with getting stuck. Arms way behind me, leaving club face way open. All sorts of bad. The way you explain how everything needs to be synced and where power really comes from was an eye opener.

    This video though really helped me. I’ve been playing quite well in comparison to a month ago but still had a couple issues with coming over the top. I realize now that my shoulder plane was too flat. Was hitting pull hooks and slices as a result. Not horrible ones but still very undesired. In my frustration last round I started to visualize taking the club back a couple degrees inside. What it did was steepen my shoulder turn causing me to be more on plane than when I was taking the club back normally. Results were long straight shots (or a small draw).

    After looking through some of your vids post round, I now know why it worked and what my issue was and how to properly correct it.

    Pardon the novel but you’re instruction has been an incredible help! Thank you for helping all us hackers out there without the cash to fund a multitude of lessons lol! Cheers!

  2. daveydo

    Thanks for this. Over the last 2 seasons, your videos have changed my game. Since finding you, my index has dropped from 18.6 to 13.1

  3. Matt B

    Monte – does the same concept work in reverse for the left shoulder? Left shoulder towards the ball on backswing and get it as far away as possible on downswing (up, out, and back)?


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