My new theory on Hip turn:Restrict and Fire

That would be my theory if I were a lawn bowling and bocci ball instructor and wanted everyone to quit golf.

Actually, I have seen restrict and fire literally turn golfers into lawn bowlers.

Even though Jim McClean has stated that restricting the hip turn was a misinterpretation of his ideas, it is still widely taught and thought to be a power generating move.

Even though nearly every amateur who fires his hips hard from the top creates a gap between his trail arm and torso in mid downswing…and empirical evidence has shown that hip speed is not what generates power…that is still widely taught and thought of as a power generating move.

To all those who teach and/or promote this…

“Get thee to a nunnery”

These two concepts put together still seem to be widespread. I guess back surgeons are subsidizing golf instructors to teach this move.

It’s no coincidence that “coil” is a 4 letter word. I think it’s filth level is somewhere in between the F and C words.

Restrict and fire. That is the power generator. (shaking my head)

Restict and fire not only causes way too much pressure on the lower back, it’s inefficient on top of that.

Every restrict and fire guy I have given an online or in person lesson to has gotten a better impact position, more center faced contact, less dispersion and equal or greater club head speed.

“Monte, how can you say greater club head speed? I buy all the other things, but look at guys like Rory and Day. They are small guys and that’s how they hit it far.”

Well Rory is restricting less now and Day will come to that road soon.

When you restrict and fire, the arms get left behind, the hips must stall to let the arms catch up and that is the stall hook everyone loves to hit.

Guess what else happens?


I have even had people tell me that more turn requires more timing. (face palm). I’m not frustrated with them, but the misinformation that has befuddled their swings. More “proper” hip turn allows more room and time for your arms to link up, so the hip and body rotation can control the rotation of the club. If the arms are left behind, the body must stall and the arms and hands must take over. That is what requires timing.

I want the body/turn/pivot to control the club. You can’t do that if the arms are asunder.

Free turn, link the arms up and fire.

“Deep Hip Turn” followed by “Bump, Dump and Turn”

That’s the best combination for consistency, speed and minimum possible pressure on the lower back.

Restrict and fire is something that a few great players have made work…until they get to about 40.

Then their two choices will be free turn, link and fire…or under the knife and quit. Sorry, it’s 2015, I was wrong.

Under the laser and quit.




  1. Daniel

    When you talk about bump, dump and turn – do you actually feel how the arms reconnect with body? When chipping and pitching I can feel how my right elbow touches my belly (“chasing the belly button”). Would you consider placing the ball outside your left foot and hitting it is a good drill to practice this move?

  2. jason

    thanks monte, I always have trouble with the bump part. instead of bumping I usually fire the hips.

  3. Garf

    Hi monte, im been working with zipper away drill for about 2 months now and i feel my weight transition is quite well for now.

    I wanna ask you about zipper away and bump dump turn. Is zipper away and bump a different move? I mean, with zipper away drill, i already move foward and away from the ball and that clearing my hip. I feel like swinging like mr trevino. Am i correct?

    Thanks monte

  4. Mike

    Hey Monte,

    Great post! I have been working on this for a long time. I was taught a long time ago to load the right side and restrict the hips. It worked when I was young, but now it just causes slices, pulls, shanks, and no power. Since moving to a free hip turn, I have regained my swing and power. But I still struggle sometimes when I want to hit one hard. It feels more powerful to load up that right side, but usually I pull it. What are some good thoughts to get the right feel of the hip turn? I have to feel like my tailbone moves towards the target on the backswing. Is that a correct thought?


  5. Seth

    Hi Monte — Thanks for all of the helpful instruction that you provide. I’m a 10 handicapper. I have a swing with a number of ingrained, hard to change, bad positions and moves. Boiled down — I don’t turn my torso enough, or my hips enough, I don’t get to my left side, I come over the top, and I early extend pretty badly. At times I can “mind over matter” just enough to hit some solid shots by somehow getting myself to stay in posture more, turn some more, relax more, and basically allow the club to do some of the work. Much more likely for this to happen with a hybrid with the ball on a tee than with almost any iron when the ball is on the ground (reversion to lifting swing). My question is: do you believe that, assuming I have a proper takeaway and backswing, a good way to set myself straight would be to stay in my posture at all costs, and force my inner athleticism to “deal with” the reality if not being able to come out of posture (early extend) as a compensating measure? In other words, don’t look to other changes to eliminate early extension, but instead look to elimination of early extension as a way to force other changes? Gratefully hoping you will be so kind as to respond. Regards, Seth.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      EE is a tricky thing. You can’t just “stay in posture.” You have to figure out why.

      • Seth

        Thanks for the reply, discouraging (perhaps) as it is. In my case, I think I early extend because I don’t really load onto my right side. More like a reverse pivot situation. Head/upper body dips toward target line forward of ball as I complete my backswing (which itself is more of an arms across the chest than a true torso rotation), and I have as much of a hip sway as I do a hip turn. I think that from this position I have only one way to send the ball, which is to use my arms and shoulders — and ultimately hands. So I come over the top, and the early extension is necessary in order to avoid sticking the club in the ground. I hit thin shots, and balls off the toe of the club, all the time. Only when the ball is on a tee do I really have a chance of making a better swing; with a hybrid or fairway wood in my hands, and the ball on a tee, I have some trust that the ball will fly on its own. Basically, I initiate the downswing from the top (backward sequence) and my left side immediately comes up, rather than moving forward and then becoming a post/pivot point. I guess I was hoping that there might be an empirical basis to support the idea of “just staying in posture” and letting the rest of the movements deal with that reality. If possible I’d like to find some move or position that will unlock the rest of proper swing elements and their sequencing. A number of good lessons from good instructors, reading, thinking, video watching, and attempts at correction, over the past half dozen years, have not done much for me. I’m getting extremely frustrated and discouraged. Thanks and sorry for the venting.

      • Seth

        Hi Monte — This may not be the right place to pose this question, but I don’t know how to “start a new thread.” My question is: what are your thoughts about Leadbetter’s “A Swing”? It would be interesting to hear them. Thank you. Seth.

        • Monte

          It’s a great way to get people to early extend. It will give slicers some temporary fixes, butnomg term it’s a bad idea.

  6. C M

    “When you restrict and fire, the arms get left behind, the hips must stall to let the arms catch up and that is the stall hook everyone loves to hit.”

    That’s the way I was taught and it is so hard to stop. I can count at least once a round an out of bounds left when I go back to my old pattern under pressure. It’s worse now. It starts left and goes left. Probably because of the bump dump and turn I do now sets me up different?

  7. Ira

    I’m *into the no turn cast method. By the end of my first bucket of practice, I had immense confidence developed. No preswing jitters etc. just pre-set and WHACK!! Thanks.

  8. Ira

    Monte I just read that 10,000 frustrated senior golfers in Villages, Florida are looking for a “Simplified” painless way to swing the golf club. If ever there was one, it has to be No Turn Cast.
    Monte, Seniors need you. Just saying.


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