First off, congratulations to Jason Gore. He had a putt on the 72nd hole to win in a playoff at the Wyndham. It was his highest finish on the tour since winning almost 10 years ago. Who’d have thunk a long drive champion was capable of helping a tour player get back on track with a pitching and wedge lesson. I did very little (provided some direction), as he caught on immediately, but it’s gratifying to play a small part in the success of getting someone back to where they should be at a high level.

This is a big issue that leads to the 68 Ballerina move. The right knee working toward the target too soon. I used to think this was a positive thing, but it is not. In order to sequence properly, the distance between the knees should increase to start the downswing.

Rory, Keegan and my boy Lickliter are poor examples of this. Snead and almost everyone else are good examples of this.




  1. Steven Piatak

    Why do i feel like you are staring at me directly when you wrote this post (haha)? So, would a good intent be the thought of trying to increase that space between the knees to start downswing, or are there other drills to help (apart from the embarrassing basket between the legs)? Seems to be very hard habit to break

    Was hoping for a Gore victory and post round interview mentioning you yesterday. Hope the travels have gone well.


  2. toby

    So basically stay loaded on the right side longer?

  3. North

    I’ve been working on keeping the right knee back as any movement of it forward toward the target gets my right hip out early and I’m a block/flipping 68 ballerina.

  4. 12PackAbs

    ” In order to sequence properly, the distance between the knees should increase to start the downswing.”

    Would love to see a video expanding on this. Is this the idea behind the ball between the knees drill?

    • Will

      Would almost think that the ball in between your knees needs to actually fall out in transition.

  5. JB

    Didn’t know you worked with Gore, very cool. I thought he would win yesterday. I even said to my wife as we were watching there was no way that guy could get stuck swinging it like he was. His move looks really good right now.

  6. Steve Hjortness

    But how does one eliminate or delay the drive of the right leg (especially if its been part of your golf swing ever since you first learned how to play)?

  7. A.J.

    Is is OK to start the downswing by moving the left knee to the target?

    I’ve played with both at different times and each seemed to help so I just want to know if the right knee to target is bad, is the left OK?


  8. Ira

    What’s your feeling on setting up with weight forward. Similar to Stack and Tilt setup?
    Then do the Set and Cast Swing Style?


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