Straightening the right arm

Last year when I talked about release, a reader said he thought I would talk about straightening the right arm and I did not…for a good reason. I assumed that people would straighten the right arm and their turn would die…and the result would be a cast.

I had seen this before and did not want to plant the seed. What I saw today was someone who had success with bump, turn and straighten. If this person straightened the right arm from the top, it was CAST CITY.

However, when I told them to initiate the down swing with a lateral hip move, then feel the straightening of the right arm.

It went…


This person went magically from an out of sync mess that was alternating between double chicken wing to hang back and cast. The bump, turn and straighten feel clicked in their brain and I feel this may help many of you simplify the sequence, getting in sync and releasing better.

You will know immediately when you try it if it is good for you or not.

Your first instinct will be to say it feels great or say, “YUCK!!!!” That is more than likely a tell whether this feel works for you or not long term.

It seems like a lot of info, but it is not. It’s about feeling the sequence and being aware it is happening.




  1. Al


  2. Calvin D

    Too many swing thoughts for me.

  3. geoff duncan

    The bump is something I’ve tried before and when I can feel it I hit it great. But the next day I cand find it and hit it awful. So I’ve never really incorporated it. Do you think it’s worth the time and effort to work on.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      It’s very possible that when you bump and it works, your upper body is staying back. When it doesn’t your upper body is moving forward too.

      Give it a shot. You will know within a shot or two if the feel works for you.


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