I really like the looks of this course. Don’t know exactly why they moved from TPC. Maybe there is a movement away from the new tricked up style of play…LOL.

Mickelson’s play on Saturday is probably a preview of what he may show at Augusta next week. It’s always hard to follow up a really low round like this. Even for the best players in the World, following up a round where you go low is a hard thing to do.

More specifically, low compared to the field. At the Bob Hope where 30 under par wins, the courses are setup easy and everyone goes low the first 4 days. However, when you see someone put up a score that is 2 shots lower than the rest of the field, it’s really hard to match that the next day.

It turns into…”I’m only 1 under par, that’s no good, I was already 5 under yesterday at this point.” It’s not something conscious, but I see the same thing happen to ams all the time and it often turns mediocre and even bad the next day.

(I wrote all of the above on Sunday morning and we shall see how Phil does. I would be surprised if it was lower than 69 or 70.)

(Sunday evening) I feel shame that Johnny Miller brought up the issue I talked about above. When he and I are on the same wavelength about something, I feel the need to see a shrink. He also said that Butch Harmon is not messing with things that are dynamic parts of Phil’s swing…and Miller also agreed with that.

Johnny Miller and I agree on two things in the same telecast? Either he has been reading my blog, or there is something to this end of the world thing in December of 2012. The Mayan’s foretold of natural disaster and Johnny Miller and Monte Scheinblum agreeing.

How much does a spot on one of the secret arks cost? They should take me for free as I am possibly the only person capable of giving golf lessons without 3D video and V1 software.

Well, looks like Phil had it going on. Holes 7-13 were pretty ridiculous. The only non birdie in that stretch was a par 5. Throw in the burned edge on 14 and 3-putt for par on 15 and that could have been 10 in a row. You never know with Phil, but I think he looks more than ready to defend at Augusta.

Verplank is yet another example of the obsession with doing everything you can to hit the ball farther is a joke. Could he break 80 if he held the lag or widened his arc to try and get out of the cellar in driving distance?

The media continues to force feed us with the idiosyncrasies of bombers and how we can gain 3 more yards and fails to point out the guys that play within themselves and succeed.

Wouldn’t that be more educational for the average amateur to know how those guys are able to hit it so straight and compete while only hitting it 250 off the tee?




  1. banner12

    Does 65 count?

    Actually, I agree with you. Very hard to go low, low in consecutive rounds. Phil is one of those odd birds that got to Harmon a little too late in life, but better late than never. Imagine if Phil and Harmon got together in 1997? Guess who would have 14 Majors now?

    Not Tiger…

  2. wuz

    Monte, there’s a guy on GolfWorks who needs an emergency intervention! Screen name J-daniel, his OP “Someone feedback on my swing please.” He’s a 3 handicap with a good swing who is complaining that
    his lag when hitting a ball is less than his practice swing lag. His side by side video shows that to be true, however my untrained golf mind thinks that the difference is because he is probably swinging more slowly during his practice swing. I think he needs your input before he turns into a 13 hc.


  3. wuz

    Sorry Monte, I had an old man’s brain fart. I gave you the wrong info on my previous comment. The guy who needs you help is cnelson, op ” I’m a loss with my lag.”


    • Monte Scheinblum

      Once someone on Golfwrx asks about lag and gets a few responses, they are beyond my help.

  4. SnowDale

    The reason they moved from the TPC Woodlands course to Redstone is money. The people behind Redstone have deep pockets, and got the Houston Golf Association to move the tournament after promising them the world. How do you move the tournament to a course that hasn’t been built yet?

    I’ve played the Redstone tournament course, and it’s OK. I think the old Woodlands TPC course (now called the Woodlands Tournament Course) is more fun, and has more variety in the holes. Where they should hold it is Champions Cypress course. I just don’t think that Jackie Burke wants to be bothered with having a yearly tournament. Hopefully they’ll get a Ryder Cup one year.

  5. Dion

    I’m delighted to see Aaron Baddeley back on form and on TV. I just love his swing and how simple it looks. Seems to be a really efficient action. Your opinion?


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