“I made a hole in one!”

(Tomorrow I will write a few thoughts I have on the Masters and each day I will do the same on the previous day’s play. The posts will be going up before play starts that day.)

This is just another range story about how people are so busy educating themselves about perfect swing mechanics, they actually have no idea about the game itself.

A few years ago I saw a guy on the range with his buddy. They spouted every golf media and range cliche you can think of. You name it, they said it and worked on it…and there were lots of Golf Machine verbiage being thrown around as well.

I took a break to have lunch with a friend who worked at the course, then I went in the pro shop with him to hang out for a while longer.

In walks the swing expert and he says, “I just made a hole in one.”

My friend had the appropriate enthusiasm for this fellow, as did I. He told him he would get a souvenir flag, a report to local media and possibly some free golf equipment.

The range rat was getting wide eyed with excitement when my friend asked him what hole he made the ace on. He responded, “The red flag on the range.”

We looked at each other and didn’t know what to say. So I said, “But were you properly pronated at P4 with the maximum amount of lag?”

My friend had to go running out of the pro shop and this gent realized I was making fun of him and walked out.

I have told this story many times and to this day, it is a running joke among my friends and acquaintances, that every time we hit a really good shot that lands near a pin we say…

“I almost made a hole in one on the range.”




  1. Calvin D

    Or you could have asked “Did you bump, turn and straighten?”. 🙂

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Reading comprehension test from yesterday-Fail 😀

      The swing thought was actually only bump and straighten.

  2. rojoass

    Saturday I had a hole in 7 on a par 5 only to be followed 3 holes later by a hole in 6 on a par 4.


  3. Doug B

    I had a green in one the other day, but I forgot to properly pronate my P4, so I had to take a drop.

  4. Mike from Canada

    You guys talking about golf are making me sick. There still a foot of snow in my back yard!

    Maybe I should move.

  5. Mike from Canada


    Let’s here your picks for the Masters.

    Mine are: Phil (obviously), Bubba Watson, Nick Whatney and Tiger (I can’t help it)

  6. FredL

    I had a hole in one too…at the practice green.


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