1. Calvin

    One good week with the putter and Tiger gets the best odds to win at Augusta.

    I’d like to see Sergio have a hot week with the flat-stick and see if it improves his personality.

    I’ll be rooting for Luke and Lefty.

  2. Brett

    Monte’s book is really good. I’ve read parts of it a couple of times now.

  3. banner12

    Monte’s book is great. The best 10 bucks you’ll ever spend.

  4. sfmoy

    monte – good talking to you on the phone yesterday. this comment isn’t related to your latest post, but i just wanted to let you know i took a couple of your swing tips to the range yesterday – 1) right shoulder tugging rubber tube away from left toes, and 2) rotating the shoulder 90° to spine angle. both tips helped me achieve a better shoulder turn which resulted in better ball striking. now i need to work on translating that move to swinging my other/longer clubs.

  5. Jason

    Hi Monte, another unrelated note. I just watched your “Bump, Dump, and Turn” Video.
    2 questions, is this a slight departure from “Everything turns in sync”? and can you set up in a “Pre Bumped” position so all you need to worry about is “Dump and Turn”?


    • Monte Scheinblum

      It is not a departure, it is a clarification. The bump is a timing mechanism that allows everything to turn in sync, creates tilt behind the ball and shifts your weight to your left side…and more good things than I can list. This whole “don’t slide” and “turning in a barrel” is just nonsense.

      Presetting the bump as I described in the video “Proper Tilt” can be helpful, as your body will want to return to that spot…but no, you still need that bump.

  6. Jason

    Thanks Monte.


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