Is Tiger Back?

His swing looks pretty good. Was solid with the flat stick.

This swing looks like a complete departure from what they started on, but after saying some bad things, the direction is better now.

I am still going to hold Tiger to the standard he holds for himself. He is not back until he wins a major.

Augusta, here we come.




  1. Kernal

    He did what he used to do….make critical puts. His par saves really was key when his drive and approach shots let him down. I agree though, let’s see how he does at The Masters.

  2. Wally


  3. Calvin

    Tiger’s putting was great.

    That’s what he has to do to keep winning.

    I noticed he is still diving at the ball. Maybe I’ll start diving at it.

  4. Robert Johansson

    His ironplay is the best under pressure out there maybe except for Rory.
    If he hits fairways, the others play for second.

  5. sssc (@sssc)

    the real question to me is: do the other players think he is back?

  6. Steve Pratt

    Looks to me like Tiger was holing at least 2 more putts per round this week than in his funk.

    His swing to me yesterday looked like a hybrid between Foley and 1996 Tiger Woods.

  7. Peter B

    I miss Steve Williams, They looked cool together. Maybe he should get Fanny Sunesson, a swedisch girl at his side brought him luck back in the old days.

  8. Mike Z

    In addition to holing every putt in sight and Bay Hill allowing him to hit irons off the tee and keep up with the field, Tiger clearly has his “get every great break” skills back.

    Tee shot off OB fence, in addition to carrying hazards by a foot multiple times were also very helpful. That’s the tournament right there.

    He played great golf, and is a deserving winner of an event he’s won an astonishing % of the time. Still, watching Sunday’s round I wondered whether the organizers “field-proofed” the course to make it tough for anyone to catch him. A Tiger drought-breaking win is a lot more valuable than a come-from-behind job by the likes of McDowell or Rose to the Tour and the sponsors.

  9. David

    Funny to watch all the Foley critics struggling to find something sensible to say. Sure he putted well and he definitely had some luck – but he was top in the driving stats ( accuracy and length combined ) ! If that isn’t a tribute to the new swing I don’t know what is….

    • Robert Johansson

      He is a well rounded athlete one of the best.
      He is long on the PGA tour, but those guys use technique that hurts the body.
      He could be 350y average if he wanted with a proper pivoted leverage without hurting his body. Likely to injury down the road using the Foley approach.

      Winning is about hitting it close with irons and putting especially under pressure.
      He was nr1 in putting inside 10feet.
      Driving is just one part of the equation playing golf.

      The Foley approach and the stack and tilt works due to equipment changes.


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