Stealing ideas from other instructors.

Nearly all of my ideas I came to on my own from observations and experience. Obviously there will be some overlap with the ideas of others.

When I “steal” an idea from someone else, I give a footnote in the bibliography.

I have always taught this way, but when I heard Dan Carraher say, “Speed up what’s slow, don’t slow down what’s fast,” I adopted the phrase and gave him credit.

When I gave the clinic in London, I told someone to get their left arm off their chest. I use a left handed back hand in tennis as the feel for those that don’t quite get it.

The person said, “Joe Miller’s (World long drive champion from England) coach (don’t know his name) told me to feel like I was throwing a Frisbee left handed.”

As they say in the UK…BRILLIANT!




  1. Todd Heugly

    Is it possible to “steal” anything from another instructor? I know numerous instructors who share very similar thoughts on the golf swing and use the same drills to engrain new feelings into their students. I don’t think there is stealing in the golf instruction industry.

  2. jean

    Do keep sharing(stealing) good ideas from others
    and bashing the bad ones


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