Melbourne Outing might have to be cancelled.

I am setting a November 1st deadline so people have time to make travel arrangements. I need 5 more registrations by then, or I will refund all deposits that have registered so far.

I am looking forward to the trip and hope I don’t have to do this.




  1. Dan

    Hi Monte if you can’t get the numbers could you increase the price for those that have booked to cover the shortfall of people? I know I would be willing to pay a bit extra if meant you didn’t have to cancel I am flying over from Perth to go to your clinic.

  2. David

    Hi Monte,

    Melbourne Australia clinic – can you send me the link to enrol.



  3. Jason

    Hi Monte, I really wanted to be a part of this but with the Dollar conversion the way it is I just cannot make it at this time. 🙁 I am bummed but I will continue to watch your videos and buy them as you release them.

  4. Anthony

    I would love to be there. I know that I would improve much quicker with face to face versus online lessons. However the USD to AUD conversion is killing this trip for me too… on top of travelfrom Sydney and accomodation costs.

  5. Terry Clayton

    Very Interested in enrolling myself and my son Kristian in your Melbourne Clinic 5/6/7 Dec 2015
    Please advise total cost, venue,etc;
    How we pay a deposit.
    I believe Kristian has made contact via e-mail with you,but is unaware that I am following up.
    I would like to keep it a surprise from him

  6. Dan

    How are you looking for numbers for Melbourne Monte?


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