I finished 8th in the World Championships

The wind was brutal. Everyone was hitting it really short. There were some 140 mph club head speeds hitting only 330 yard drives.

I missed advancing by 5 yards.

Here is who finished ahead of me.

7th-Tom Peppard who finished 8th in the open division in 2012 as a 44 year old.
6th-Richard Smith who made the match play last year.
5th-George Slupski who is a former champion and this year’s 50 and over champion.
4th-Brian Pavlet who is a former champion and hall of famer.
3rd-Jeff Gavin who won last year and made top 16 of open division.
2nd-Scott Smith who finished in the top 4 last year.
1st-Jason Zuback who is the greatest long driver of all time.

Nothing to be ashamed of, finishing behind that group.

Sounds all Fine and dandy, but a pretty pathetic effort on my part preparing. I am the heaviest I have been in my life (nearly 230) and I probably hit less than 100 balls total with my long club practicing for this.

This is not an excuse or taking anything away from the other competitors, who were great. I am making a point in public about myself as a motivating factor.

If I have any illusions (some will say dilusions) about making The Champions Tour, I can’t just show up and think I will make it because my swing is pure and I can give great short game shot demonstrations.

I am publicly calling myself out. Anyone who has seen me swing, pitch, wedge and play will say all that is standing in the way of achieving this, is getting off my fat, lazy ass.

For those that think this is the same delusional attitude that a 48 year old, two handicap attorney who thinks he can take a year off and make The Champions Tour…

Let me say this. Two things kept me off the PGA Tour.

1. Inability to access why I mishit shots and correct it.
2. Inability to take distance and spin off wedges.

Those two issues are no longer a problem.

The two issues facing aging golfers are lost distance and touch with the short clubs. Distance is obviously not an issue and my short game is better than it was 20 years ago.

So I have no excuse not to make it and I am left with making an effort. Learning how to score again. Being comfortable on the course. Doing things automatically, instead of having to think.

So this is the challenge I set for myself. It is almost 1 year to the day when I can go to Champions Tour Q-School.

Here are the parameters I am setting. I will keep track and be honest.

1. Be under 200 pounds on this day in 2016
2. Spend at least 15-20 hours a week working on my game
3. Be on the course for at least 9, preferably 18 holes, at least 2-3 days a week.
4. Play as many meaningful rounds of golf as possible. Tournaments, money games, etc.

For those that wonder how a full time instructor and single dad half the week will find time for all this. Well, it’s going to cut into my lounge chair time…and that’s about it.

Non PGA tour players with fewer physical skills than me have made it.

There is no excuse.

I crunched the numbers and I can realistically do all of that.

It’s certainly better than the 2 rounds a month (none of which I am focusing on my game) and less than 5 hours a month of practice I do now.




  1. Jake G

    Really happy to see you making this commitment to your future. I for one, will be pulling for you, and holding you accountable to be on track for this as much as possible brother

  2. Anthony

    Great job in contest.
    You can do whatever you set your mind too, go get-em and good luck

  3. Peter R.

    Natural talent can be the worst enemy of success, it brings a sense of complacency an over confidence.

    You’ve publicly set these goals, that’s a great first step. More importantly you’ve got the maturity now to analyze and understand your weaknesses.

    I think that all adds up to a great opportunity to do this really well. Now just do it !

  4. Chris

    You know you can do it. Good luck with the journey and when it comes to weight loss I always found that small short term goals are the best way to do it, whenever I set a big goal without the short term ones it was easy to convince myself to cheat the cardio or diet.

    “Next on the tee, Former 1992 World Long Drive champion and the man who stole Gisele from Tom Brady… Monte Scheinblum”

  5. Mark

    I’m betting on you. It’s gonna be fun watching your success.
    Now get busy… Plan your work and work your plan!

  6. Kip

    This is the blog post I have been waiting for! Kill it!

  7. david

    Let me know when you need a caddie

  8. Bruce

    Monte, I hope you are serious. You have a realistic opportunity to do something the rest of us can only dream of.

    Setting specific and measureable goals is a good start. I like to also set intermediate goals as well, just to make sure things are staying on track.

    Good luck, this will be fun to follow.

  9. toby

    I hope you document the journey…

  10. toby

    Better yet you should get Brendon from be better golf golf document it…

  11. Rob

    I want to be your caddy.

  12. Johnny D

    I started watching your videos a few years ago on YouTube, then found your blog, bought all of your instructional videos and feel I have learned a whole lot without taking a lesson from you (I hope to!), but I continue to learn. That message you just posted can be applied to my life outside golf. It demonstrates that you are a hell of a teacher Monte. Although i have never met you, I’ve found myself rooting for you in the past, and I’m rooting for you now. Go get’em Monte!

  13. Brett

    Great news, Monte. Go get ’em!

  14. Mike Greene

    Monte…you know that all of us are pulling for you. Far be it from me to give you any advice…but, you need to play some competitive golf. Shots under pressure…putts under pressure. Maybe hire an experienced caddy for a couple of weeks and hit some mini tour events playing against the kids.Shooting a 64 on any given Wednesday at Oak Creek isn’t going to be enough…
    all though we would die happy if we could do that! LOL!

  15. Mikewiine

    ive played with Mike. He has all the skills. I wish Kim the best!

    • Mikewiine

      I’ve played with Momte!

  16. Michael C.

    The time will be here before you know it.

    Good showing in the LDA. Now, go get ready for the Champions Tour. We’re all pulling for you!

  17. Road Runner

    Hi Monte, what about your putting from different lengths under pressure? How about this for an idea to raise some money, raise awareness of what your aim is and get some data?

    18 hole putting competition against members of the club where you teach. Each hole a Par 2 of lengths from 5′, 6′, etc. up to the max you can fit in. Mix the lengths of consecutive holes up, so that you get some variety.

    I’ll leave you to decide on what would be reasonable values for x,y and z in what follows.

    Get x members to contribute $y to charity to play against you, the winner gets z minutes of free tuition from you. Before starting, the criteria for deciding how to deal with joint winners would have to be worked out.

    Maybe get some sponsorship, some interest from a local TV station. World Champion long distance driver and trick shot artiste starts his long term plan to get on the Seniors’ Tour on the putting green!

    The members will love the chance to get bragging rights over you even if it’s “only” on the putting green.

    You, being a competitive athlete, will not want to lose to one of them. You will be under pressure every time you start an 18 hole competition.

    If you have someone recording your scores, you will know your success rates in terms of one putting from various distances AND your three putt avoidance data.

    It might even turn out to be a lot of fun………

  18. charlie goffnett

    Monte…A couple of questions for you and all of us..
    1) Are you being honest with yourself..Is this really what you want…
    2) What story do you want to tell? You have what it takes…What will be the Monte story going forward?
    I think I speak for a multitude of folks that have been apart of your clinics and lessons…You have what it takes.
    Go write your new story…Make better decisions and you will have fewer regrets…We are all pulling for you my friend…

  19. jean

    Since golf will not be a problem, focus and tackle what will be the toughest for you: weight!
    As a frenchman who likes food and keeps slim,I offer one advice: buy your groceries and cook for yourself and your son!
    Good luck!

  20. bruce

    Good luck. Hope you get what you want. Your a good teacher, which is at least a rare as a tour player, and a hell of a lot more useful to the average Joe.

  21. Derrick

    Just an idea Monte – as a possible source of revenue, had you given any thought to having your online store selling your own personal line of assorted cargo shorts?

    Anyway, I sincerely hope you achieve your golf goals. Now, getting down to under 200 lbs – well I guess that’s a topic for another day. Please blog us on how this is coming along. It could serve as a source of inspiration for many of us middle-aged fans of yours.

  22. Tom (notBrady) Grady


    Best of luck, and I will be pulling for you during this next phase of your journey. I know how you can lose 5 lbs real quick…ditch the hair product. =)

  23. Davod


    Good luck with the conditioning routine. You might want to get the coach a “coach.” Consider a dietitian and a personal trainer. Just like you provide guidance and motivation on the golf swing, they can help you with motivation to improve your health and fitness. Just like your golf lessons, focus on the process and let the results happen. You may not make it to 200 lbs, but you have be a healthier, stronger, more capable 215 lbs.

    Go get em! I want to watch you on TV on Sunday playing the Champion’s tour.

  24. Lawrence

    Third time’s a charm. You’ll get them next year. 😉

  25. Bob mustard

    I have lost over 45 pounds this year on the FAST Metabolism D.I.E.T (did I eat today?). Book by Hayley Pomeroy. A Commitment to healthy eating.
    You are probably too young to know of Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach, but you may find it helpful to attain “perfect speed”.
    Good luck


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