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First off, a lot of great topic for blog posts were requested this last weekend. I will eventually get to all of them.

I have spoken about over run of the arms being a bad thing. In other words, no extra arms swing/lift after the shoulders have completed rotation in the backswing.

There is a good reason for this, aside from it causing disconnection and people not having the athleticism or speed to deliver the club properly to the ball from that position…oh yea and it being difficult to be in sync. 😀

It creates arm snatching. This is the bane of existence of most amateur golfers and it isn’t spoken of enough.

People talk about grip pressure and death grips, but arm excess arm tension might even be a bigger culprit.

There needs to be a study of PGA Tour players and how much their arm tension increases to start the downswing. Then it needs to be done to amateurs of all skill levels.

Guess what the results would be?

If your arms tense up and snatch the club, it will shut off your shoulder turn and end in all sorts of interesting forced manipulations.

That is why the Rhythm, Handset and Release drill is so good, it prevents excess arm tension and arm snatching.


Grip pressure that is too light gets sloppy. So go to the range and work on a nice medium grip pressure and the softest arms possible.

It works even better on chipping.




  1. Bob Saunders

    I am on this like white on rice. Thanks Monte!

  2. Jason

    Yes, with grip pressure, a medium grip pressure as a great starting point at address. Your central nervous system will adjust that depending on the intent of the shot. I agree the a light grip pressure is sloppy and inconsistant.

  3. woody

    I find it interesting that even in the little swing in your LINK, your body is moving in the correct way. Must be in your genes.

    I’ve found that if I use the same idea about movement for everything (putt, chip, full), then I get the best results. But, nobody watching a putt or short chip would ever notice it because it’s so muted.

    I wonder what the Kinetic Chain guys say. Anyone have a LINK? They’ve probably got it wrong because as you say, some things have to be in sync, not one after another.

  4. Chad Abbs

    It seems for me that some days its much easier to let my shoulders relax than others, I wonder if the stress of everyday life has anything to do with this? The other thing Ive found is that on days that I stretch properly before I play it seems easier to make a free flowing swing without all the tension.


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