People seem to get angry and scoff…

…with something simple that makes perfect sense.

The simple, obvious answer that will make you better 6 months from now and hit the ball 20 yards farther, is not as fun as some complicated contrived BS that will take 10 shots off your handicap this week and add 100 yards to your drives.

…only to find out 6 months later you have to quit golf because the forced “miracle motion” does not allow your swing to work properly.

“Miracle” swing fads and cliches are exactly like those pills that promise to make your penis 6 inches longer.

Simple and common sense is not just in golf, it’s with everything.

I remember what an uproar there was when the second Star Wars Trilogy came out and Anakin Skywalker (the young Darth Vader), was a whiny, petulant, teenage tool.

Now if you want to say Hayden Christensen was a bad actor and Jar Jar Binks made you want to find George Lucas and flick him in the ear from behind, I won’t argue that. However, it makes perfect sense that the Galaxy’s greatest villain used to be a whiny, petulant teenage tool.

The golf swing is the same thing. If you just look for sense in the situation you will find the answer…and you will find that preconceived, grandiose notions usually turn out to be false.

Let’s take swinging inside/out for example. That is exactly what happens when you turn, keep your arms in front of you and turn. The club comes from inside the target line, out to the ball (target line) and immediately back to the inside. That is on plane as well.

If you force the club to go inside/out, it goes back too far inside and either comes over the top, or goes to the ball too far from the inside. That ends in a flip, or a club that gets outside the target line. What you end up with in either case is a forced situation that doesn’t work and the Galaxy’s greatest villains…early extension and a shank.

Learn to make a simple good golf swing and the cliches take care of themselves.




  1. Calvin

    Wait, what pill is that? I don’t know about pills but my brother was stung on the pickle by a hornet and ………..

    This Monte quote is good on so many levels. It should be on the refrigerator or something:
    “Learn to make a simple good golf swing and the cliches take care of themselves.”

  2. woody

    “make you better 6 months from now and hit the ball 20 yards farther”

    The good news is that being pretty bad offers the possibility of rapid and dramatic improvement…like tomorrow, if you have average coordination and no physical disability.

    Bad golf is to a large degree built on wrong assumptions. Like that exerciser that someone recently posted about, trying to get your center moving really fast through the ball. Actually, your center is slowing down through impact because muscles are most efficient from their stretched state (muscles work by contracting).

    An instructor named Ringer used to post here, and here’s something he posted elsewhere: “When the shoulder slows, the arms and club throw-out away from the body.” ~ Ringer

    And that goes for your core too. How fast is your core moving? Do the math. Downswing takes .3 seconds? Right armpit moves 1.5 feet from top of the backswing to impact? By my calculation that’s an average speed of 3.4 mph, and armpits are slowing down at impact.

    Not sayin’ that someone should think “right armpit” because it’s just being used as a gauge. But, anyone still wanna buy that core speed-up exerciser?

    • Monte Scheinblum

      “Bad golf is to a large degree built on wrong assumptions.”

      Disagree. Not to a large degree. Bad Golf is COMPLETELY built on wrong assumptions.

      • woody

        Yeah, and here’s a monumental faulty assumption: if a famous golfer’s name appears as author of a book, that means he wrote it. Ha, ha, ha. Writers write books, not golfers.

        Ok, I admit it. I got bored and went to another golf forum, one that I can rarely tolerate.

        There, I read a guy’s post about his study of Hogan’s Five Lessons. He offers some screen captures to ilustrate that Hogan, in his backswing, was not doing what was advised in his book.

        Then, the guy gives some inside info: “At his two-day teaching seminars for instructors, a Golf Digest Top 10 instructor I know well tells a story about a conversation he had with Hogan…

        “Hogan revealed that one of the major elements of instruction in Five Lessons was essentially forced on him by the Sports Illustrated editors. Why? Because, according to Hogan, the SI editors believed that what Hogan actually did would make handicap players worse. …”

        The guy continues, ” I believe they had a conviction that a major swing flaw of amateur golfers …was swaying off the ball and they wanted to make damn sure that nothing in Five Lessons would encourage that. Hence, all the advice intended to prevent any kind of sway off the ball that neither Hogan or the other greats actually followed.”

        This is not to say Five Lessons is bad. Just that one element of it probably didn’t originate from Hogan.


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