A high right shoulder does not mean




  1. Calvin

    Meh. Low right shoulder either.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Low right shoulder has never been accused of causing over the top, but it will get you stuck if it is too low…and people get their right shoulder too low because they have been told a high right shoulder is over the top…and it isn’t if you are tilted properly.

      This is just another example of how the fear of OTT gets people in worse trouble.

  2. woody

    Jim Hardy had a point. But, it really didn’t have much to do with “plane,” which was just a by-product.

    Some people “take their arms” somewhere on the backswing. I’m thinking Ray Floyd. Other people have a rotary backswing, and the arms are just “rotating mass.” I’m thinking George Knudson.

    Maybe there are hybrids between these variations, where somebody takes their arms somewhere and then rotates…Nicklaus? Monte is right…there are different ways to do things, at least on the backswing. That should be obvious.

    That’s why I really like the question that Manuel de la Torre (former pro & hall of fame instructor) asked all of his students, to begin the instruction: “What are you trying to do?”

    There is one ironclad rule of golf. If you pay too much attention to a single body part, then something else is doing something wrong.


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