Smokin’ hot beverage cart girl

(Really surprised yesterday’s post didn’t get more action. that drill is fabulous and players of all skill levels will get use out of it. Some good info is at the end of the innuendo nonsense 😀 )

Nothing lifts the rating of a course more than a pleasant to look at beverage cart girl. It could be an absolute dump, but of the beverage cart girl is something to look at, it rates one notch below Augusta and Pebble. Especially for a self confessed dirty old man…like me.

I played a course yesterday that I didn’t much care for. Actually, 4 or 5 of the holes were just horrendous. The rest of the course was OK, but not good enough to make up for 5 really bad holes.

Actually, 18 is a fabulous hole. That, along with the beverage cart girl and 7 birdies and an eagle, made yesterday a really good day.

If you are ever out in the Corona area of Southern California in the near future, 18 and the “so hot she could make a straight woman rethink her sexual preference” cart girl make the day fun and the course is actually pretty to look at. Eagle Glen Golf Course

In case you are all wondering, my father-in-law (playing with me) agreed and my wife gets my blog posts on Facebook, so using this as blackmail material for free lessons won’t work. My family all knows I am a dirty old man.

The real point of today’s post is to talk about what is going on in my game. This is a course that is visually foul and would normally give me fits. However, as I get more and more comfortable with what I am doing, my ability to play golf, versus create swings is improving.

The more and more my swing gets linked up, the less I am using my hands, the better the club is releasing and the more I can focus on the shot instead of slinging the club out from behind me and worrying about a two ways miss.

More importantly (are you listening Tiger), as the club is more out in front of me and I am using my hands less, my distance control is getting better.

Pure shots that end up in bad distance control are not a sign you are close, it is a sign you are talented and can square the club with your hands, but your swing stinks.

The more and more I study my own swing and struggles, the more I find out the swing is about getting things to match up versus do things “correctly.”

You are going to see in the coming weeks what I mean by that, although many of you will know exactly what I mean. Think Jim Furyk.




  1. Brett

    What? No pictures?


  2. Calvin

    If I’m shooting seven birdies and an eagle, Helen Thomas could ride up on a cart and get a “10” from me.

    Thanks for the progress report. Doubly impressive since the course didn’t fit your eye.

    I also thought yesterdays post would get a lot of traffic. I intend to give the drill a daily workout. When you do a drill the long driver says is great and your reaction is ‘what the hell is this powder puff stuff’ maybe you better examine it closely.

  3. s.

    Getting things to “match up”…well, I’ve gotta admit that I tried to copy a Moe Norman characteristic this year.

    I got some big grips. Mike Dobbyn (long-drive) is touting this brand. Ha, ha, then they don’t work for me, and I find out that Dobbyn is a virtual Sasquatch or WWE type. He’s HUGE, maybe 6’8.” Of course a big grip works for him.

    Same with Moe. Although he was about my height, he had very large hands, so he used built-up grips.

    Want to copy Moe’s stance? Then, maybe you need size 13 shoes like Moe had.

    Trying to copy something that works for someone else isn’t always such a great idea.

    • s.

      Oh, and if anyone likes cart girls, this one would be hard to beat.

      She sings…but it it sounds better with the volume dialed back a bit.

      • Monte Scheinblum

        HICKORY HILLS!!!!! That course is in Mississippi and they have had hot bev cart girls there for 20 years.

  4. Wally

    Monte I’m 67 yep another dirty old man

  5. Eric

    Creepy… filming a beverage girl…

    Slow play?

  6. Peter B

    I think if Monte plays well even my Grandmother would be a hot beverage cart girl to him 😀

  7. c

    Can you guys pls stop posting stuff about my girl…i’ll have to consider buying her a chastity belt! She no longer works there…so don’t bother 🙂

    -The french perv …


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