This is REALLY important…

…if you want to get better at golf.

If you are happy with how it feels and how you play now…I have NO PROBLEM with that. Have fun and you are way ahead of the rest of us.

However, if you want to get better, you need to keep something important in mind.

If it doesn’t feel weird, you haven’t changed anything. As someone pointed out last week, his friend with the funky swing shows up every week with a miracle swing thought and it looks the same. Guess what? It is the same.

So if you honestly want to improve, you have to understand that a change needs to actually feel like a change…and even a small change can feel like a total and complete reversal of movement.




  1. s.

    I’m thinking that a change for the better would involve freedom of movement, rather than trying to micromanage. I don’t see any pros who look like they are restricting anything.

    It could feel different, but I’m guessing that it shouldn’t take long before the old way feels so weird that you couldn’t go back to it.

  2. Calvin

    I think we all know that when we go out and shoot 90 that something is fundamentally wrong with our swing. Thinking about the touring pro’s, there are short guys, tall guys, fat guys, wimpy guys and even old guys who successfully compete. I am thinking now that proper technique is maybe more optical than it is physical. So I need to change my swing; what can optics do to lead me to an effective change?

    • woody

      Old guys? Fat guys? Well, this is my Moe Norman year, trying to learn everything about him.

      Here he is, doing a clinic at age 72, looking out of one eye…must have had an eye condition, probably cataract. (He died at age 74.)

      He said he shot his age every day, although I don’t think he actually played full rounds that much. And, he usually hit several balls, using the round for practice rather than play.

      Obviously, he was telling the truth, “not a drop of work or effort,” and nobody said B.S. when he said he was still hitting it 280, 290. And, he never quit learning. (11:47)

      • Calvin

        Well, yeah. Moe was an old, fat short gut who pipe-lined it every time. So what’s the deal? Certainly not “natural golf”.

  3. woody

    What’s the deal with Moe? On that Youtube video, Moe says, “Keep it simple.” Moe didn’t believe in positions. He learned by feel.

    How to you get it simple? I just finished a book about Moe, and it stressed that hard work and dedication were key elements in his success.

    P.S. Natural Golf is dead.

  4. TonyK

    Another gem Monte… thanks!


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