Here is a great drill

Get into what you think is a perfect impact position with the club right up against the ball.

Hips cleared, hands in front of the ball, square club, etc, etc.

Then use your body only to push the ball as far as you can.

That will give you the feel of what turning through impact and hitting through the ball is.

You will also notice the hands will naturally release. 😀

People will say that’s what an impact bag does. Well, I would disagree. The impact bag prevents you from seeing and feeling what a post impact release feels like. This drill illustrates that perfectly.




  1. Calvin

    I really would like to see a vid of you doing that drill. I tried it and it feels
    utterly powerless and the release is very gradual. How far should I expect
    to push it? Does it get air-born? It just feels so weak that I know I must be
    doing it wrong. How could you possibly do it wrong tho?

    • Monte Scheinblum

      10 yards or less. It is supposed to feel powerless if you are using your hands too much because you have no leverage in your hands and are supposed to use your turn to move the ball.

      Exactly why most people feel powerless when they shorten their swing.

  2. carrera

    There is a similar putting drill that is very helpful.

  3. Doug B

    This drill encourages the feeling of staying down with the shot. I find that I play my best when I am really emphasizing this. It’s almost like I’m trying to keep the clubface on the ball as long as I can – I know this feel rather than real but it can really make the swing feel great – dynamic, yet controlled at the same time. The head stays back, the right shoulder turns under, and the finish is full. So, this single feel of staying down with the shot replaces a bunch of swing thoughts for me and simplifies things. Again, this is a great drill for imparting that feel.

  4. Michael

    Any club will work? Ball goes up the face of a 60deg

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Not if you have proper ball position and do it right.

      it will work with any club if done right. The more loft on the club, the harder it is to do correctly.

  5. Bob

    Had more luck with this the third day in. The first two times were pretty lame, but good today. Thanks Monte!


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