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  1. Wally

    Monte, a guy who does not have a swing coach just won the Masters ,go BUBBA High hands no flat swing for this guy

      • sssc (@sssc)

        hey, pro. looking forward to tomorrows post!

  2. Jason

    I second that. Go Bubba Yeah! I was backing him all day. Target focus. Just imagaine his focus when he hit that massive PW hook onto the green.

  3. Jason

    I also noticed Hanson’s head dipping on the backswing, but his good swings had the same thing.

  4. Calvin

    I really like Oosthuizen’s swing.

    I think Monte predicted Bubba would win a major this year.
    Go Bubba. That wedge was weird magic. It looked like he
    did it with a cupped lead wrist. Bedwetter would never teach that.

  5. The Original Brian

    I have a question Monte: When hitting a fade or draw how do you alter your address position?

    I used to open or close my stance in relation to my target, but I have also heard argument for simply moving ball position back for a draw and forward for a fade to catch the ball at different parts of the arc.

  6. Jason

    I just love the way Bubba plays. When you play freely like that, you have no regrets win or lose……however if you are a swing nerd, when you lose, forever you will be asking….why?
    The commentators still don’t get Bubba……LOL


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