I was a year off

Last year I picked Bubba to win a major and Tiger not to. Well, I was little early.

Let’s hear it for the guy who just golfs and doesn’t worry about his swing. Oh to be that guy again.

Obviously Bubba is an anomaly, but he is closer to what we all want to be, which is a proper balance between playing the game and mechanical competence. It needs to be around 80-20. The problem is many of us have the numbers switched.

When I was a better player I was 90-10 and I needed to become 80-20. Problem is I went to 5-95…lol. Laughing so I won’t cry.

I believe that is why I am still struggling. I still haven’t made that switch back to playing golf. I get sucked into the same trap I tell all of you to avoid.

Hit one bad shot and spend the rest of the day trying to fix my swing.

One feel, one swing key to keep your mind focused is all you need. Accept bad shots and try to hit the next one better.

My problem for a long time has been my chest is not turning to the target soon enough. Guess why?

I have spent so much angst trying to get it right, I don’t let the swing flow and finish.

I will try again today. My rebirth as a decent player is going to be a one day to the next process. As soon as I just play.

It’s not the pressure of tournaments, I do the same nonsense when playing fun rounds. Just sometimes my talent takes over and I shoot low, but the swing crack is still there.

Let’s hope today is different. No steering wheel, no perfect mechanics…just play.

PS-when are people going to talk about copying Oosthuizen and guys like Stricker who have simple swings, instead of the funky contorted swings that have all of these funky angles?

…and again…why Hogan? Does everyone want to fight hooks for 10 years before they are pure?

At least I am making some headway in my quest to educate people that lag is unimportant.




  1. Brett

    Good luck today. Be the ball. 🙂

  2. BruinMel

    Love it and agree with you. Love Bubba’s game and attitude. And pace of play. Now, go do what you write and kick some butt today. Good luck.

  3. woody

    “My chest is not turning to the target soon enough. Guess why?”

    –Because you’re too fixated on shoulders. Chest moving (like sternum) is the result of the things below it moving, not the things above.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Kind of, buy not quite. I am still pulling the handle, especially in the course. I have done it this way for millions of swings and I haven’t kicked the habit yet.

      That restricts my hip turn.

      • woody

        “One feel, one swing key to keep your mind focused is all you need.”

        –That one’s priceless. Although Nicklaus said he could get by with none, I’m not there yet.

        You’re big on shoulder-turn going back. But that’s not a good downswing thought–unless your body understands what you really want and does the necessary other stuff automatically, like it does going back.

        It’s hard to switch horses in the middle of the stream, especially in 1.3 seconds. So it it’s shoulders going back, it’s probably going to be shoulders coming down.

        • Monte Scheinblum

          I am big on working on getting the shoulder turn correct when practicing.

      • Peter B

        I agree with both of you. All those things like pulling handle, hip restriction and early extension are all the result of a single problem: using the shoulder turn to hit the ball. I also agree you should not copy Hogan but he shows the slot you must get into in an exagerated way. There is not one Pro on the tour without good hip movement. Bubba has a good one, Villegas even has a pause to be able and ensure to start with hips.
        I looked a lot for a way not to start with the shoulders blocking the hip. “Dont pull the handle” or “dont swing shoulders” wont work. You need an entry point you cant do wrong, something with a feedback. One of those entry points is montes move the hip sideways, I think he calls it tilt the hip. The other movement giving very good feedback is shift the weight onto the left foot when the club is on top. Not later or your shoulders could start first. You have to feel the sole of left foot. Doing both, move hip left and shifting the weight early brings you well into the slot and prevents using the shoulders first.

  4. woody

    “why Hogan? Does everyone want to fight hooks for 10 years before they are pure?”

    –Because when he finally got it, he got it and never lost it…even if he couldn’t quite explain it so that it wouldn’t be misinterpreted. And, he still had plenty of it after a horrific car crash.

    There’s 39 things that I think are really good in Five Lessons, and 15 things that I don’t care for. Those are pretty good numbers for instruction filtered through somebody else.

    And besides, I feel like he’s almost, well…family: “There isn’t a mistake I haven’t made when trying to learn to play golf.”~Ben Hogan, Power Golf

  5. BP

    Hey Monte, did you notice Louis’ practice swing move…he did it more frequently later in the round. It’s a move where he is releasing the club from the top to his right … straight down. You had some earlier video on the proper “release” and his drill seemed to me to be exactly what you were demonstrating in your video.

  6. geoff duncan

    Credit where credit is due. When you called Bubba to win a Malor, I thought you were insane. I never heard anyone else make that call, so congratulations. What did you see in him?


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