Putting stroke crack

Well I am through 9. Was thrilled with how well I missed it on what would have been an awful day in the past. No swing crack, just didn’t hit it well.

Now I need to get off the putting stroke crack.

I whiffed it around the front 9 but didn’t hit any bad shots. Just no good ones. Hit it like I should shoot 34-37. Couple of missed fairways, one bad bounce, couple of missed greens. A normal crappy day that good players shoot 69-73.

Now that I have hemmed and hawed and said the same thing twice…I need to hit the practice putting green. Boy was that horrendous.

Three 3-putt, a missed 6 footer for par after my tee shot landed in the fairway and kicked left in a hazard and a missed 4 footer for birdie.

Nice 40 pro. Geez!!!!!

The good news is the swing crack seems to be gone from my swing. I can feel its just not quite right today, but no mechanical thoughts.

PS-this is a FANTASTIC golf course. Boundary Oak in Walnut Creek, CA

Edit: Now it’s mental. Another 3 putt on 10. I have blog reader caddying for me. He will attest. It’s more about misreading the greens than bad putts…but that is part of putting.

Back to the drawing board. More golf, less practicing.

Yet another 3 Walter on my 13th hole. My speed control is lacking to say the least.




  1. Mike

    if you then let your caddy do the blogging, you have more time to play:)

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Big delay at the turn and waited on almost every tee. Had plenty of time.

  2. Todd

    Monte you are right in my neck of the woods being you are at Bounday. How long are you in town? Any time for lessons? lol

    Good luck out there.


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