Wow, did I live up to the stereotype.

I am not going to sit here and say I was a ball striking God. I missed it well for 14 holes and hit some really quality shots the last four hole

I hit a sweet little knockdown cut 5 iron to a tight pin on 6 (my 15th hole) to about 8 feet (missed).

An awesome PW from 80 yards that I had to punch under a tree and run up through the rough to an uphill green to 2 feet on 7 (finally made something. If you call making a two footer something).

Pitched to to 6 feet from 40 yards on 8 (missed).

…and a well controlled PW from 120 to a back tired pin, uphill into the wind to about 10 feet on 9.

Here comes the big if (something about grandma having balls)

If I could have 2 putted from 30 feet and made a couple of 6-8 footers, I’d be playing this week. Funny part is I had a 60 footer and managed to two putt that.

Had a couple of readers watch me play and when they showed up, I started hitting quality shots. Still not quite there. Diver going a little short and not as straight as it should and still manipulating the irons a bit.

Make no mistake though…with a below average ball striking day, I would have made it if I was just adequate with the putter.

Hopefully soon I will be able to just swing, hit the ball solid and work on short game more. I really need to do that.

Saw my old friend Frank Lickliter today. Might start working with him. Getting a two time PGA Tour winner back to the Tour would be a nice accomplishment. This is a close friend and I hope I can do it for him.




  1. The Original Brian

    belly time

    • JP

      I caddied for Monte today or should I say I carried his clubs. He did not hit the ball great but did not hit it bad either. I’m a 4 hadicap and I would take the way he hit the ball today over my best day striking the ball. He really only had 1 bad shot all day and that was a 3/4 6 iron on his second shot on a par 5. If his speed on his putts was a 6 on a scale from 1 to 10 and 10 being perfect he would have qualified no problem. His demeanor was exellent and I really enjoyed looping for him. I truely believe he will make it. Thanks again Monte

  2. projectscratch

    Sounds to me like you are getting closer and closer. What was your score and what was the score needed? I am positive you will make it further than you think is possible if only you start believing in yourself. I have been addicted to this game for 20 years or so and never known someone who has understood the golf swing like you do. Between that and your obvious/natural athleticism, it is just a matter of time. Keep at it!

  3. Peter B

    What did happen to Frank?

  4. woody

    You called it…there’s putting stroke crack too.

    I found out that using my whole body, rather than just doing something like “rocking shoulders” was much better for me.

    I know how much I think the ball will break, what part of the ball I’m concerned with, and I know where I want it to start. It’s so much better when I let my body do it vs. getting mechanical.


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