Day 3

I like all the players at the top of the leaderboard. Wouldn’t mind seeing any of them win.

Tiger is one under on the par 5’s so far (10 of them). That never happens. That is why he is not contending. If he was 8 under (normal for him at Augusta), then he is tied for the lead.

He is hitting it bad.




  1. Jason

    I have a theory on Tiger. To me it looks like he is trying to control his swing and it becomes a mesh of the “Foley swing” and what his body want’s to do natrually. He should just let go of control all together and let gravity and centrifugal force do it for him. He looks like someone trying too hard to hit a golf ball. His OTT practice swings make this worse. Having no tilt compounds this even more. Just a theory mind you…..

    Thoughts Monte?

  2. Robert Johansson

    He fell back to the old ways.
    most likely due to his desire to win a major triggered that stress which he couldnt handle. His expectation simply was to high.
    He will win once his able to handle this as he did at bay hill.


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