Master’s day 2.

Tiger’s swing is awful again today. Shoulder turn too vertical and left arm rotating way too late=forced save with the hands.

He may find a way to save his round on 13 and 15, but he reverted this week.

I find it amusing (thick sarcasm) that the some of the things that give the top players trouble, are things that people get excited about copying…and experts promote that people should copy.

Sergio’s lag…he is trying to get rid of it and it looks better now.

Phil going wide to narrow. Thank you Peter Kostis. To paraphrase. “It’s the reason for Phil being inconsistent, but you should think about doing it.”

Rory’s fast, but choppy hip turn. You watch. In the coming years he will work on smoothing it out.

Well done Henrik Stenson.




  1. The Original Brian

    What are your favorite swings on tour Monte?

      • The Original Brian

        No lag, layed off at the top and over the top.

        How can they break 80?

      • Monte Scheinblum

        Well said.

        This is no joke. If every golfer around the world who was “into the swing” forgot about lag, forward shaft lean, Tiger…and every other swing fad and tried to copy Sticker’s swing. Worldwide handicaps would go down 10-20% in a year.

      • Robert Johansson

        I like strickers game.
        Not a fan of swings but more a fan of minds.

        Tiger cant play which is funny due to he cant even putt properly.
        Not sure what he done but his mind has been off all these 2 days.

  2. Jason

    I’m a fan of people that can play golf. Not golf swings. The ball doesn’t know what your swing looks like.

  3. Wally

    Go Jason Dufner’ I like semi-fat golfers, he looks like the rest of us

    • Calvin

      Wally, I have liked Dufner since the PGA. He looks like somebody who climbed through the ropes and grabbed a club. He gets it done tho dud’n he?

  4. Nollie Swynnerton

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen Woods “dive” as much as he is now. Also, doesn’t it seem as if he is swinging too hard and fast for good control? Short game is keeping from missing the cut.


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