Progress on me winning the REMAX

Let’s start with numbers that can be compared.

My recollection might be off a few mph + -, but David Mobley won with about 130 mph club and 195 mph ball speed.

Vince Chiurlini (runner up) topped out at 135 and 200+.

Pat Dempsey about the same.

These were Trackman numbers and someone please correct me where my recollections were incorrect.

I am 2 weeks into training and I have been topping out at 127 and 185.

However, I had a fun three ball spread yesterday that gives me hope I can be competitive.

I was hitting balls (not with a Trackman), but know it was about the same and hitting balls out to the end if the range at Oak Creek…with the tees almost all the way back and hitting diagonally across range. I was hitting drives that fell into the 127/185 zone mentioned above and they were going into the tree line. Some with some considerable heat left when they hit the tree line. These are mediocre range balls going 320-340.

I then brought out an old feel, I literally hadn’t tried in 15 plus years, that launched three consecutive drives into the tree tops I was hitting the ball into with roll.

For lack of a better way of putting it, I got my hands higher at the top of the swing and tilted more at impact.

These swings were easily into the 130’s and probably approaching, if not achieving 200. The bad news is, it really hurt my shoulder and had to quit it after three swings.

Hopefully I will get stronger and in better shape the next two months, allowing me to make this swing. Mid 120’s and mid 180’s will put me in the top half of the field, with no chance of advancing to the later rounds.

Low to mid 130’s and approaching 200, I am right there with a chance to compete among the elite.




  1. Damon

    Wow – that is really impressive. Any chance you can post a couple of vids showing the difference between your “slow (ha ha)” 127 mph swing and the “fast (wow!)” 130+ mph swing???

  2. woody

    Wally is vindicated…higher hands.

    For one thing, it means you got better windup, and it’s easier to change directions.

    I found this interesting: Zuback 2009, closeup, feet (0:31)

    I’d like to see somebody reverse-engineer what his feet are doing.

  3. Wally

    San Snead has my favorite golf swing, however at 68 years old I try to emulate George Knudsons’ swing

  4. Golf Breaks My Balls

    Great golf resort I’ve always wanted to have a round there. The fairways look amazing.

  5. Eric

    Dont forget in competition your adrenaline will be pumping so you will probably pick up a few MPH

  6. Qtlaw88

    Go get ’em Monte!! You ate an inspiration, keep it up.

  7. Billyd

    I wonder how many of your blog reader will have tried to hit atlease one drive with high hands and huge tilt at impact before the week is over?

    Looking foward to seeing what your numbers look like as you approach the competition.


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