Boy am I tired

No, not another rant, physically tired.

The driver I am hitting is 48″ and has a 100 gram weight in the butt.

I just hit about 100 as hard as I could…and it’s 96* here.

My arms are so tired I can’t lift one high enough to pick my nose, and my back is so tired, I am going to have to go all “Coming to America” and get some “wipers.”

I can see while training for the REMAX, that personal hygiene will have to take a back seat. I am going to fit in perfectly in Mesquite now.

BTW-as someone mentioned yesterday, I throw political correctness out with the golf instruction cliches.

I will put it this way. I am not prejudice…I judge everyone, including myself, with equal contempt.




  1. woody

    “100 gram weight in the butt”

    –Well, I’m going to blow your cover…you must have been watching Hammer Man Lavery. (5:03)

    Dismissing the hillbilly aura, there might even be even something to those sledge hammers for forearm flexors. But, at 2:27 he mentions the 15 strips of lead tape.

    I tried some too. The advantage was that when I eventually removed it, the tape residue left a nice aiming stripe on top of the driver.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Notice the similarity between that shot and my videos. That is Oak Creek, where I teach and the guy with him is named Claude and is my student.

      I loaded up the butt of my driver 20 years ago with 180 grams when I won. This is my idea.

      • Persimmon

        Out of interest, what driver head and shaft were you using when you won 20 yrs ago? And what golf balls were used? Love to know the specs – Just to contrast it with the equipment scene at REMAX these days.

        • Monte Scheinblum

          Golf balls were unmarked.

          I used a club called Tour Precision.

          50″ with Aldila shaft.


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