The dangers of searching for “the swing”

There is a young fellow on GolfWrx who is all excited about his “transformation.”

I didn’t want to rain on his parade because he has worked so hard, but I believe his “before” swing was better. More freedom of movement, while the “after” looks contrived and restricted.

He has less hip turn, his right elbow is still stuck and his neck is really contorted at impact.

The irony is he is trying to copy Hunter Mahan and it has that look, but Hunter gets his right elbow way in front of his right hip and that flaw still exists.

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  1. Damon

    I thought the same thing. First swing looks nice and flowing. Maybe he was too inconsistent with ball striking though with the older swing.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      You are probably correct.

      However, the reason for inconsistent ball striking still exists. The stuck right elbow.

  2. woody

    Second one looks like he is trying to lock his right knee, takes his right leg out of the swing. Too constricted.

    Maybe he’s after X-factor.

  3. jaybee

    My amateurish observation is that he still has that hip bump at address which might set/s him up for trouble/swaying? IMHO, he was also on a good “plane” and “swinging left” before, just a bit cramped at impact, also loved his open hips then.
    The after swing is just/too flat for my liking and in his defense I do not think that “3knuckle SF” advocates that but, as stated above, we don’t know how his ballstriking was/is now.
    The REAL question to the upcoming PGA class A pro and hopefully/likely REMAX age group winner is: What would YOU have advised him to change from his before swing?

  4. Avery

    Hey might be a good example of why building a golf swing based off of forum posts by several instructors is not the best way to go (been there). A single (decent) intructor could have gotten him squared away after one session (and a few weeks of practice). Why do people want to swing the club “like” (insert PGA pro) instead of just playing good golf?

    Just becasue your swing looks like Tigers, you impact position probably doesn’t. I wonder if this kids ball flight/misses have changed much?

  5. Mike Divot

    But … but … it’s so PRETTY!

    Who would you rather be … the guy at the bar with all the chicks hanging off him saying “tell me again about your flared front foot”, or the guy whose wife says “so you won a sleeve of balls? Couldn’t you have just bought some?”

  6. Andrew

    The poster never did answer if his scores dropped or his ballflight changed.

  7. Steve Bishop

    He went from dynamic to cookie cutter S&T.

  8. barrie

    i agree completely…thought similar thoughts when i read original post.


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