Navy Seals event at Half Moon Bay

I spent the weekend at a Navy Seals event at Half Moon bay in San Francisco. Jessica Buchanan told her story at the dinner.

UNREAL…you need to look it up. She told her story on 60 minutes.

Here is the 18th hole. The ditch was 332 carry and made it easily… 😀




  1. Bill bryant

    What did you hit 3 wood?

  2. wderaaf

    Did you have your LD stick out or was that with a normal driver?

    Looks like a nice course.

  3. atyler16

    I was there for a couple days on my Honeymoon. We played the “Ocean” course. Blowing about 40 mph. Pulled up to first tee, and my wife says, “I’m not playing in this shit.” “You are on your own.”… I played of course and she went shopping.

  4. FredL

    hahaha…at first, I thought you meant that Jessica made it pass the ditch easily and told that story to 60 min.

  5. qtlaw24

    The Old Course at Half Moon Bay has much more character than the newer Ocean Course. Love 17 & 18; 18 is a beautiful approach, very much like 8 at Pebble.


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