Frank shot 57 yesterday.

Yes, not a typo. It was in a Proam yesterday where he played with a bigwig from Leupold.

It was his career low by 5!!!!!!

It was the ocean course at Half Moon Bay. Probably played about 6500-6800 yards.

There is a point to this. He has played awful lately. Shot 151 and missed the cut in a mini tour event just last week…and a real sloppy 70 playing with me yesterday.

He asked me what was wrong with his swing and I told him nothing. Last night I sent him the screen shots below showing him how his pivot has improved and the flip he developed during his struggles the last 5 years was gone.

That little thing changed his perception of how good he should be.

You all need to look for those gems of success and use them to change your attitude toward your game. I can’t tell you what it is for you personally, you have to look for it.

Now I realize this is a far cry from doing it 4 days in a row during a tour event and so does he, but it’s a huge mental building block toward future success…and it shows most improvement in golf is mental.






  1. Justin

    So true Monte. Focus on the positives of your swings. Don’t focus on the negatives and attempt to change things around in your swing while on the course. Golf is not a perfect game, your gonna miss shots. Move on to the next.

  2. Robert Evans

    That’s awesome! Glad to hear he’s getting confident. You’ve helped him a ton:)

  3. Peter B

    That was on 9 holes right? Did that also once. LOL No honestly great score, I recently shot my first par round in a tournament and felt like the man of steel for a whole week. The next bad round came like Kryptonite.

  4. John Short

    57 is a mind boggling score. The lowest I’ve ever heard.

    It’s interesting how our psyches operate. Sometimes all we need is permission to do what we have prepared to do, and is lurking inside waiting to emerge. I find that with my students all the time whether the material is Shakespeare or David Mamet. The work is all there. They have to just let it go and allow it to happen. You helped Frank see that and look what happened. I hope it’s a sign of things to come for him.

  5. CB Punisher

    Wow! What ball, please.

  6. The Original Brian

    let’s see the card!

  7. banner12

    Did he finally take my advice?

  8. qtlaw24

    Did he drive the green on No. 2? I hate that stupid hole. Great score though.


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