“Covering the Ball”

Big misconception about this term and as many of you know, I like tilt at impact…which is basically what every good player does. I get so many clients that are steep, or chuck the right wrist angle away because they are literally trying to do what video #2 is promoting.

Make fun of Michael Breed all you want, but this video is a better perspective on covering the ball. Maintaining FORWARD BEND is what covers the ball, not eliminating secondary tilt. The second video (and I apologize for singling this guy out, because so many have this view), is something that…well, something I disagree with. I know impact at 8:15 is during a drill, but show me one tour player that exhibits close to that impact position.




  1. Kenneth Finch

    The video from Michael Breed is much appreciated. I have never understood what is meant by covering the ball.

  2. Bill bryant

    I think that’s what you want me to do on DS GOOD VIDEO

  3. IPM

    Just realized I do NOT cover the ball. I uncover it rather quickly.

  4. Calvin

    Odd that this post got few responses. Football season?

  5. Jake Gilmer

    Looks like my upper body move during the downswing when I came to you (second video)………Ugly!


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