Recap of Remax

I was pleased the way I hit it. Losing weight and getting in better shape really helped.

Looking back, I was a non-factor last year, even though I finished 11th.

I was a legitimate threat to win this year. No one wanted me in the match play as they all know I am going to put a big ball out there every time.

It was disappointing my two best balls left the grid by a couple feet and would have advanced, but it all makes sense now.

When I pulled the handle hard, I delivered a block swing. When I got my right shoulder out. The ball started 5-8 yards more left.

I have been conditioned to aim down the left side and swing hard. After that improvement in my swing two weeks ago, that is no longer the case. I hit in stalls 2 and 3 in the first four rounds and my alignment and ball flights were perfect.

I was in stall number 1 on the far left in the quarters and just plain aimed too far left with a slight right to left wind.

Had I even aimed 5 yards more right, I might have been rejoicing in a victory.

However, having read Steven King’s book 11-22-63, I learned changing things for the better, doesn’t always change things for the better.

For all I know, if those two big balls i hit (365 and 370) don’t kick out and I advance…Brian Pavlet could have last balled me in the finals again and that would have been even more painful on the 20 year anniversary of when he did it the first time.

I will be back stronger next year. I have only touched the surface of being in better physical shape.

I went from 130 mph max last year to 135 this year only working out hard for three months.

With my efficient spin, launch angle, landing angle, etc…if I can get to the high 130s or even 140…

Since I’m still a little bitter about not advancing further, I feel the need to beat a dead horse.

Tiger’s swing is horrendous.




  1. Clint

    Monte, only stumbled accross your vds last few days loving them. Just a quick question regarding the bump dump and turn. is this still order for shorter swings like pitch shots? and short irons? because I sometimes OTT on these too. Do you have a vid or article re fat shots? these are a killer for me. I am guilty of a inside low takeaway. your takeaway vid has helped. thanks a bunch

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Right arm needs to keep moving. Yours sounds like it’s stalling.

  2. Steve

    “Brian Pavlet could have last balled me in the finals again…” I saw the brackets and noticed that it would be a possibility. Don’t kid yourself, it would have been great to be in the finals.

    Now here’s a hard luck story: Rick Barry loses Legends (60+) by 2 yards. And, he wins Masters division, but the ReMax website shows him as “2012” champion….and probably none of it got on TV.

  3. Kenneth Finch

    Monte, there is a “11/22/63 is a novel by Stephen King about a time traveler who attempts to prevent the assassination of John F. Kennedy, which occurred on November 22, 1963 (the novel’s titular date).” (Quote from Wikipedia).

    Could that be the book you meant to reference?

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Bad eyes. I typed post on iPhone and couldn’t see I made a mistake.

      I actually knew the date by heart.

      At 46 going to have to bite the bullet and carry reading glasses. Mostly an issue when light is low.

      My long vision is still perfect from LASIK 15 years ago.

      • Husker

        Is that a book you would recommend?

  4. jaybee

    Like Stenson, you’ll come back even stronger!
    Is there a reason why the Super Seniors seem to have hit it longer than the Seniors?
    Tiger is not even angry any more when he pulls it- sign of a change of coach to come.
    Foleys swing idea was and is great for Rose because of his scoliosis, it is a disaster for Westwood as he makes him chicken wing it even more.

  5. John Short

    Great post Monte. Those last two lines are a sign of good things to come for your
    mind set and your game, long driving and the rest. A sense of humor is critical to perspective, and yours is spot on.

  6. coops


    you could look in to ‘presbylasik’ maybe in just your non- dominant eye or regular near vision lasik to deal with the long sight.
    I’m trying out progressive lens glasses after 20+ years of being glasses free after PRK laser… but the astigmatism which couldn’t be removed in those days and my now 45 year old encroaching long sight, what a pain.

    I’ve also got some short sight with the astigmatism, so you’re probably an even better bet for long sight lasik… google presby lasik.

    ps great performance in the Remax – next year could be the one…

    pps great story at golfwrx re the ‘hung like an elephant’

  7. Peter B

    Oh damn dont feel bad you will kick ass next year and then you will make that Pitch straight down I told you LOL
    Still good work Monte and you really got in shape!

  8. Robert Evans

    You’ll do it next year:)
    Tiger’s swing does blow!

  9. D Watts

    Am I dreaming? Someone else has issues with Tiger’s swing besides me? You guys just made my day.

    Just found this blog, Monte, has anyone ever told you you resemble Dunaway swinging dtl?

    thanks for the chuckle 😉


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