MySwing 3D motion capture

I should be getting this within a month.

A few of my ideas on proper sequencing of the arms and torso in transition have been proven by this system, so I can’t wait to have first hand, full time use of it.

I will be able to prove that the 68 Ballerina move is produced by the hips getting out early and running out of range of motion because of the passive, trailing arms. Yes, the lower body leads and we don’t want the arms and hands to control the club…but the lower body can lead too much and the arms and hands being too passive, causes them to take over at the worst possible time. Pre-impact.

LINK to System




  1. Jordan

    Awesome! Will the system be making the trip along with you to future clinics?

  2. Peter R.

    Looks like a great system idea with a very smart monthly fee business model that might keep it developing and improving.

    Trackman and other such units give great data into and after impact including ball flight, this type of body motion analysis will allow you to see how you got there and how you might improve certain areas and especially overall efficiency.

    Instructors who can teach well with this type of data are rare, usually the data overwhelms the teacher and the student in an attempt to fix everything all at once. I think you’ll be exceptional armed with your simple teaching and curiosity about the real mechanics of golf.

  3. Chuck henson

    Monte, I have one just like this and it almost distroyed my swing. Nothing beats a person looking at ones swing. Be carful.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      It’s just like a launch monitor. If you use it as a tool, it’s brilliant. If you use it to model/prefect your swing, it’s a disaster.

      I’m not a numbers chaser with myself or my students with the Flightscope and I’m not going to be a “shape” chaser with this.

      …but I appreciate the warning. It’s easy to make that mistake.

  4. Paul

    Monte, I’m sure you’ll make good use of it.
    However, after having a lesson with you in Chicago
    this year, you don’t need it.


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