Avoid extremes for maximum distance and efficiency.

Below is a video of me hitting an 8 iron yesterday. While I realize I have (actually had) freak distance ability, I am improving my swing not with the ridiculous extremes purported by many, but with simple efficiency.

I am not making a wildly long swing, I am not super lagging the club, I am not firing my hips 70* open, I am not going for max shaft lean, restricting hip turn for coil, going wide to narrow, power squatting, creating max upper and lower body disassociation, nor am I leading with my hips and then stalling them for power. I just try and simplify my motion and PED’s. Picking and Eating Donuts.

This nothing of a swing with none of the distance producing and body contorting extreme movements is what we need to strive for. Coincidentally enough, my path, face to path, AoA, Vertical and Horizontal swing planes, spin, apex, etc., were all near perfect. I wasn’t chasing those numbers, it just so happened I made a simple swing and they lined up as a result.

I am trying to get my hands deep enough which is hard with my left shoulder injury, so I have to get my hips open to do that without having my arms over run my turn. There goes X-factor and making a full backswing to parallel.

I’m trying to get my shoulders to work around more on the downswing and the arms to work in front of my chest so they do not to trail my turn. There goes my pivot driven swing with passive arms and hands.




  1. Ted Brady

    Nice simple swing. When you say “hands deep enough” I assume you mean on the backswing; what does “so I have to get my hips open to do that” mean? I gotta asssume (bad thing, I know) that splaying the left foot a little, to get hips open, restricts deep hands, not helps ensure it?

    Anyway, a little confused here, that’s all. 🙂

    • Monte Scheinblum

      I need a big hip turn in the backswing to make room for deep hands.

  2. Bill Simons

    So, take one aspirin instead of a whole bottle?

  3. Jake Gilmer

    Swings looking good Monte. I would most definitely say that he meant backswing when he talked about depth of the hands. As far as getting hips open in order to do that….. the only thing I could come up with is that he meant enough hip turn at the top of the swing as I believe this would help achieve the ROM that could get the hands deeper with his injury? This would also make sense with the following comment regarding X factor? Good stuff as usual

  4. Mike

    Can you recommend a specific donut, Monte? And when eating it, do you bend the elbow first to elevate the donut toward the mouth, or does the movement more come from the shoulder and wrist? Thank you!

  5. Mike

    The above was a joke, Monte, but I have an interesting story along these same lines. I’ve had my PW swing speed measured at 77 mph when swinging full-bore, I mean balls to the walls as hard as I can. Then I measured it with a 3/4’s swing, nice and smooth. It was 89. Lesson learned.

  6. toby

    Nice swing..but would have better with cargo shorts…

  7. Jules Coleman

    I took a two hour lesson with Monte on Saturday and Monte teaches as Monte does, but he does not teach you to do what he does — as so many teachers do. He watched me hit one ball with a wedge and told me he knew what my problem was — head moving forward on the downswing a half head’s worth at most. I have been playing 40+ years and competitively for half that time. I was a succesful stall flipper. But as I have gotten older, success is harder to come by and less predictible. Monte showed me the flaw on video, explained its consequences — all of which I had experienced in my playing. The truth is, if you are an experienced,athletic golfer you can play well with a dastardly flaw. It’s harder to do as father time catches up and flexibility diminishes.
    After explaining the consequences of my flaw, Monte explained that he was going to provide me with a half dozen ways of overcoming it, that i shouldn’t expect them all to work, but that I would hopefully find a few that did — that created the desirable movements and changes. True to his word, Monte had one drill after another, all but one of which worked — at least on the video tape. I found three that worked and felt right for me — two of which were absolutely counterintuitive. The most counterintuitive was to start my arms earlier in the downswing while not trying to move to the left side and fire my hips. Wouldn’t you know, the net effect was for my hips to initiate the downswing followed by my trunk followed by my arms. Feeling like I was speeding up the start of my arms created a wonderful sequence.
    I hit the ball with a shallow angle of attack, from the inside with shaft lean and a penetrating ball flight that I had ben unable to create given years of taking lessons and trying to emulate positions. I was dumbfounded and smiled all the way back from Irvine to LA.
    It made it clear to me that one cannot learn golf from a book; you need to find a teacher with a good eye, a willingness to experiment, a creative mind for drills, a positive attitude who knows how to play golf and not merely how to put someone ‘on plane’ or in the right positions.
    For me, after years of competitive play, hundreds of hours of lessons, hundreds of books read, and one halfway written — Monte is that guy.
    I teach that one can live well by doing good; Monte teaches an even more compelling lesson. It’s hard because it’s different for everyone; but it ain’t rocket science; and find a simple way to make it work for you. Get your intention right and learn how to execute it.
    Best lesson I have had in 15 years.

    • TG

      This was a lovely comment. Thanks for taking the time to post.

  8. Husker

    While the swing looks great, it appears that your divot goes well left. I cannot follow the flight of the ball to determine if it, too, goes left.

    While your move through the ball does not appear to be “over the top” as I would expect from that divot pattern, I remain somewhat confused.

    Can you address this for me? Thanks, Ken

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Part camera angle, part the divot should go left some. Look at my feet.

      If you’re swinging on an arc, the end of the divot should be left. Plus if you understand D-plane, hitting down around 5 degrees on an 8-iron, you’d want to swing some to the left in order for the ball to fly straight without being a hook.

      The swing path on that one was 3-5* to the right. All of the swings I was making there were as such.

      • Husker

        Thanks for your comprehensive answer. I will watch again (several more times), and try to learn.

  9. Mark

    Can Monte or somebody else clarify what picking and eating donuts means? I missed that somewhere. Thanks

    • Cicero

      It’s a joke; PED usually means performance enhancing drugs. It’s just another way to illustrate the point that he’s not trying to do a bunch of complicated stuff.

    • Calvin

      Don’t go under the table to get a donut and don’t reach around the back of your head to get it to your mouth.

  10. gra

    Hi Monte

    I like the way your arms stay in front of your body, ive only just managed to start doing this mainly by having soft heavy feeling arms and moving them fractionally last in the backswing, this has put me in touch with the shaft which I am now releasing through the ball, it is through this shaft lag/bend release that I felt a prov1 squash on my driver for the first time and it can only be done with soft muscles, may be if id learnt as a kid this would have happened naturally but as an adult male strong arms whipped it away inside due to hit anxiety due to fear/aggression!

  11. Mark


    Totally off-topic, but I wanted to thank you the “No Turn Cast Swing Drill.” I’m a total weekend hack (shot around 100), but from the couple of lessons that I’ve had, I apparently have the problems typically seen in better players, i.e. my body outraces my arms, I’ve got almost too much lag and I get stuck rather than being over the top.

    Anyway, my instructor was trying to get me to drop my arms before turning or to try and not turn my shoulders and let the arms swing around. Indeed, he told me to go ahead and release the club rather than hold the lag. It was helping a bit, but I just wasn’t fully getting it. Then I stumbled across your video looking for videos on releasing early.

    What a revelation. I tried it at the driving range and then playing nine holes, and it’s amazing. (Still trying to get it to work as well with the driver (tend to hang back) as the irons, but there’s improvement in all clubs.)

    The funny thing is that I suspect that my instructor was trying to get me to do the same thing, but we just weren’t connecting. Nobody’s fault. You guys have a tough job. You can’t just find the right words to describe something; you have to find just the words that one person will understand and those words can be very different for each person.

    I guess that’s why you have so many videos. Keep describing the same thing in as many ways as possible to connect with as many people as possible.

    Anyway, thanks for the video.


  12. Zach

    Unrelated, but when focusing on lifting the left arm, what is happening when the club is being taken away outside? Am i just getting used to the lift or do I need to focus on using the wrists more too or what? It looks pretty good and feels better, just is quite a bit outside.


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