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Anyone think this thread linked below will cause a “Scanners” result on me? How about the video with the “lag drill?” It should be called, “How to pull the handle.”


For those who are young or didn’t watch bad movies…

This is a clip from the movie “Scanners.” If you just ate, don’t watch it…LOL.




  1. woody

    By the way, you don’t get enough credit for your anti-hold-the-lag campaign.

    The other day, I was reading the website of an engineer/physicist/guru, and there’s some pretty good stuff on it. I read, “hands are passive…hands merely went along for the ride…most of the power in a golf swing comes from centrifugal force…”

    And, then the conclusion. “So, what does the golfer have to do to get maximum centrifugal force in order to get maximum clubhead speed? His job is to hold the lag…”

    So, you’re smarter than an engineer/physist. He might have figured it out, but he has collaborated with Jim X-Factor and Martin H., and thus got contaminated.

  2. jaybee

    Seems he too reads your blog…
    Personnally, I cannot consciously move my lower body to the target while still finishing my backswing, maybe it happens automatically, maybe not (enough)- if there is a trick and its worth trying please let us know.
    For me, straight arms just after impact, especially a straight right arm, seems to work wonders though- higher and further but no compression feel/sound, rather a thin contact/sound, but who cares.
    A very good transition thought is IMHO to tie the initial move of the the right hand and the right knee, to move them in synch or unison.
    That gets the lower body moving towards the target while starting this gradual unwinding or release process without holding lag artificially and produces a solid contact with amazing regularity. I first read about that in an article by Rick Smith, although he has since come up with 20 other ways to start it…, but here is a decent writeup of the idea behind/pros of that move:
    Hope that does not make you go bonkers…


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