Come on!!!! Are people doing this to me on purpose and…

…then laugh in a room somewhere?

Am I the only one not in on the joke? This guy in the video below can’t be serious about moving the upper body laterally in front of the ball on purpose (coincidentally he doesn’t do it when he hits the ball). How about the positions he wants the arc on? “Thrust the hips? Good luck.

I know, two rants in two days…and a weekend rant. Maybe I should start beating the wife and kids more. Maybe I should get a dog, so I have something to kick when I get home.

…or maybe I will calm down and write something good tomorrow. I am with Frank at The Reno Tahoe Open right now, but have a plan to film several new videos early next week and start posting them…hopefully better than this POS below. Someone actually linked this peach to help someone with an issue. What issue this will help, I have no idea. Maybe…

“I am really staying behind the ball well, hitting long straight shots and shooting low scores. I would like to keep my handicap up high. Any tips you can give me to make me shoot high and hit the ball shorter and more crooked off the tee. Oh yea, I also want to get in a position where I either have to chuck all the lag away, or pull the handle really hard and take a divot deep enough to bury myself because the banks are imminent.”

“Here you go sir…”




  1. Hoselshot

    I’ve got my candle and spoon. When does my golf lesson start?

  2. KeithZ

    I have been fighting both of those faults for a while now. Nothing but ugly comes from that stuff.

  3. Adam

    I actually punched myself in the face, during the video and after, for having watched it at all.

  4. Christian

    Cool! Turns out I have been doing it right all along.

  5. woody

    Everything guru-boy said appears to be an attempt to reverse-engineer what he thinks he sees on video.

    Actually, the video is really good for destroying once-and-for-all the concept of plane. It makes a lot more sense to think of the hands, arms, and club as a rotating mass which helps to create muscle tension.

    Hogan talked about that tension in his book, but instead everyone jumped on the idea of plane, which basically means nothing except that there is rotary motion–as George Knudson explains here, in the first 2:10: (5:33) George Knudson

  6. meateater

    I would love for some of the Hardy acolytes to chime in here, because he can’t possibly be teaching what this guy is preaching. The irony is this guy has a beautiful swing himself and sounds so damn convincing and certain, that if you didn’t know it was nonsense , you would be slurping his koolaid. At least it illustrates why so many people get worse under the “best” instruction.

  7. Andrew from Addis

    He teaches ar Stanford – Praise be that they do not give masters degrees in golf!

  8. Mike Divot

    That was pretty damn convincing. It’s clear that a good golf swing is geometric … neat and tidy … everything in its place … perfect …

    But where were the pretty straight lines drawn on the video? I like my “swing plane” smoke and mirrors with nice straight lines, in different colors.

    Love this guy’s white pants and shoes. You know you can trust someone when they look so slick. The sign of a true professional.

    The video should be titled “See? The emperor really is wearing clothes”.

  9. pcb_duffer

    “We are all more stupid for having seen it. May God have mercy on your soul.”

    • Monte Scheinblum

      There are a lot if puppies that have lost their way.

  10. theMIKE

    Oh boy, if you would only know…. Scott Piercy just won the Canadian Open, they know how to teach the right stuff to the right person.


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