Here in Reno

On Tuesday, Frank played 36 including an afternoon pro-am.

Here are a few anecdotes for your enjoyment.

At 6 am I got on the elevator with Rich Beam. He saw my badge that says, “player support.”

He said, “Player support, are you an agent?”

I said, “No, swing coach. You know, if you can’t be an athlete, be an athletic supporter.”

He got a big laugh out of that.

Frank played a practice round at Montreaux and looked the best he’s looked since I have been working with him. He more importantly said it felt good (Fingers crossed). We then had lunch at the pro-am site with the likes of John Daly, Rich Beam and an old friend I hadn’t seen in a while, Ted Purdy.

This nasty looking woman walks in. She had enormous boobs (obviously fake, but who cares), a tiny behind and wonderful legs. Not the best of faces, but again, who cares. She had the look of a stripper and was wearing no more than she wore when straddling the pole.

The dirty old men at the table, including me, started in with the typical crude remarks. Frank chimes in, “She is Pat Perez’s girlfriend.” In walks Pat, just as Frank is saying this.

I was talking to another player later (not anyone I have mentioned) and said, “Where did he meet her, a strip club in Vegas?”


I lost respect for Pat when he tried twice to break his driver at the AT&T a few years ago after hitting it OB on 18 at Pebble and losing his chance to win. Real men break their clubs on the first attempt. I am an expert in this field.

Well, he got his man card back. 😀

Frank is executing physically well enough and easy enough to win on tour again. We agreed that it is the best he has looked and felt since he last won in 2003.

We also agreed that he now has to build confidence and recover mentally from his struggles. Frank commented that he is lucky to have me working with him, not only because he feels my understanding of the swing is better than anyone else out there, but I have something that almost no swing guru has.

The emotional understanding of playing at a high level and having your feel completely falling off the face of the earth after being fed garbage. All of his previous swing coaches blamed his swing problems on his attitude and it fell on deaf ears when he claimed that his attitude was being affected by his swing problems.

I more than anyone understand this. I had to deal with the same backward thinking and judgements.

PS-I wish I could report what I have seen and heard. If I did, Frank and his wife would be the only people who would speak to me. I can’t believe more of this doesn’t come out.




  1. woody

    “I can’t believe more of this doesn’t come out.”

    –Take notes. Haney wrote a book. But Stevie didn’t, so don’t burn any bridges.

  2. Husker

    I think it’s spelled Rich “Beem”.

  3. HoldTheLag

    Hey, the stuff you are comfortable with sharing here is good enough for me…my imagine fills out the rest.

    Keep em coming!


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