Mr. and Mrs. R11

A blog reader played with a couple who had new white R11’s and spent the entire round adjusting them according to how they were missing their shots.

Really? Has it come to this? Are we getting that ridiculous that we think we are so good that the setup of the club needs to be adjusted after every shot because there is no way that our perfect, scratch swings can produce anything but a laser down the fairway, so it must be the club?

I think it’s time for vulgarity. I am going to buy a case of Miralax at Costco and every time I don’t have a movement by 8:37 AM, I am going to down a bottle because my colon is like a Swiss watch.

Sheesh people, can we be a little more anal? Can we take ourselves a little more seriously and find new and inventive ways to slow down play?

To Mr. and Mrs. R11. When you hit the same miss 5 or more times in a row, you can adjust your new driver. Until then, it’s not the club, you are ducks (bad golfers that take themselves too seriously)…and it’s against the rules.

I have to go now, it’s 8:36 AM.




  1. Christian

    I think this post had the opposite intended effect on me. Now I really want an R11! I can definitely reproduce my miss with my driver over 5 times in a row – right, right, right, right, right… :-). Irons and utility are pretty good, but hitting 200 off the tee isn’t really getting the job done for me. But – if I could magically erase the slice with an R11? Hmm….

    Please correct me if I am completely misguided so I don’t blow $400 unecessarily.

  2. FredL

    I’m still waiting for the R1000 wherein it will adjust itself even before I hit the ball!

  3. Jefferson

    Give it a rest, Monty.

    Your originally nice and refreshing golf-blog has become an annoying sewer that keeps repeating itself. It’s not funny anymore. It’s boring.

    Nut, luckilly for you, in that sewer, you have a couple of faithful lapdogs to praise everything that you puke off the keyboard. Their comments probably make you think you’re on fire.

    Good for you.

    Thanks for the fish.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Wow. I really made someone mad this morning. FYI, I have been making bitter rants like this since I started. I am really irritated with the golf culture that has developed and I show my displeasure with posts like this. Some people like it, some people don’t…and that’s fine.

      I will continue to give my honest opinions about golf, my best ideas on how to make golf more fun and hopefully easier.

      I will also get hot and bothered when I see or hear something that I find ridiculous and I respond with a ridiculous tone.

    • Calvin D

      Nerve contact. Adjust your R-11 Jefferson and try again.

      • Mike from Canada

        LOL!! That was a good one.

        I agree, adjusting your driver during a round is ridiculous and as Monty says… against the rules. If these people take themselves that seriously they should follow the rules.

  4. Brett Picotte

    I want an adjustable ball that will (after I adjust it) fade, draw or go straight. I can adjust it every hole or every shot. Just a simple request. 🙂

    Jefferson, if you don’t like what Monte writes, don’t read it.

  5. Dave

    According to one of the premier golf club designers , Tom Wishon, you actually have to move something like 20 grams of weight in a clubhead to cause a change. These heads allow for about a 4 gram adjustment—-i.e. it’s all in the golfers head, not the clubhead. Get fit by a good clubfitter and ignore all this adjustable crap.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      On R11’s you can adjust face angle and loft as well.

      • Mike from Canada

        I talked to a golf pro just two days ago and he said the adjustments do work. He said it’s not the 40 yards that Taylormade advertises. He says it’s more like 17 yards, but 17 yds is quite a bit. That’s half a fairway at most courses.

  6. Wally

    Hey Cristian if you really to get rid of that slice it will take some work. Go to a flea market or ebay and get a persimmon wood they are very unforgiving. Next practice Montes’ plane and realease drill. Go to the range and work with the persimmon, because of the heavy head you can feel where the club wants to go. Once you get the hang of it, you may be hitting the ball farther than you do with the newer stuff. Good luck. I still play with my persimmons once a month there fun, and keep me honest. You may think you are hitting the irons well, but they are very forgiving, get and old “blade” five iron and have some fun


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