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Arnold Palmer

I wanted that to be the end of the post, because I think he is awesome, but that would have left a lot unsaid. Another time I will tell the story of when I caddied for a friend on The Senior Tour and played with Palmer. Also a story where The King watched me hit balls and talked to me.

Bay Hill has a few of the design issues I have a problem with, but it is such a good course over all, how can you not like it? Maybe the fact it was built so long ago as most courses built after 1990 are just bad…but I digress…as usual.

I usually don’t say this about Tour players with homemade swings, but Spencer Levin has gone as far as he is going to with that action. He needs to clean up his transition or he will continue to struggle when he has a chance to win. I am not suggesting a swing change. I mean clean up the transition. He sets the club in a different place every swing. Your average 5-10 handicap sets the club in the same place every time. so do most 15’s that play regularly. By definition, if you are setting it in a different place every time, it’s not a repeatable swing.

Tiger continues to prove to me that he is too swing conscious. That shot he hit on 18 Sunday is just not something he does…or did. He essentially had one good round where he made everything and one 17 hole round. That is not going to cut it at Augusta and sure as hell won’t cut it at the US Open.

I am calling for a missed cut and a 25th place finish in those two events as an over/under.

I think Martin Laird is solid and will win more. I am really rooting for Marino to win soon, I really like his game and the way he plays.

What a wild finish. First no one wanted to win, then they both played hard and hit some awesome shots. The scores and difficulty of the course were almost like a major championship.

Marino’s birdie on 18 after his debacle at 17 showed me he isn’t quite there yet, but has what it takes.

Laird playing the last 4 holes two under was also great to watch. Birdie, birdie, awesome up and down for par, two putt from 90 feet. Nice finish.

He often lifts it with his arms to the outside, but gets it right at impact.

So much for “Low and Slow” and “Inside/Out”




  1. Wally

    maybe he should quit smoking

  2. Wally

    I think I am going to copy the late great Harry Vardins swing left arm breaking and all

  3. Michael

    Monte, Tiger made 4 forced shots that were too aggressive between Saturday and Sunday that cost him 6 shots. Going for red flag pins, trying to force a club, and just a bad fairway bunker shot. My math puts him at T2.

    I think he will be fine.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Michael, that can be said of everyone in the field. Using that math, I made the tour at age 26 and now have 18 Tour victories and two majors.

      Part of Tiger’s dominance is he knew where his misses were and always avoided those disasters. He has two way misses now and to be devil’s advocate, maybe he was not attacking those pins and just hit really bad shots.

      If Tiger were having one bad round and three good ones, I would agree he is close, but he is only having one good round per tournament right now.

      • Michael

        He said he tried to force the close shot on 13 on Saturday that came up short.
        17 on Sunday, said he hit the perfect shot, everything he wanted, just came up a foot short.
        18, said he got stuck between clubs and went with the shorter one.

        We both watched the same tournament, and all three of those pin placements were visually in the water. It’s the same as going for the flag at Sawgrass when it’s in the traditional Sunday far right pin placement. It wasn’t a bad swing that did all those things, it was trying to force a good shot.

        He pulled an 06 US Open Phil 3 times. Don’t be a hero, put it on the green and try and make a putt.

  4. Mike from Canada

    Tiger’s problems are past swing changes. Tiger’s problems are in his head and short game. He doesn’t have that same will that he had before. Monte has spoke about it before. No matter who Tiger’s swing coach was, he could win in spite of that. Where is that will now?

    And Tiger’s short game is mind boggoling right now. In the past, when he missed a green there was no question that he would get up and down. Now, it is an adventure whenever he misses a green. What I don’t understand is why he says he has to change his short game approach due to his swing changes. That makes absolutely no sense to me.

    Honestly, Tiger is very frustrating to watch right now.

      • Mike from Canada

        Monte, can you explain to us why Tiger has said that he has to change his chipping and pitching due to his full swing changes? That makes no sense to me. Maybe I’m wrong but I don’t see a link between chipping and the full swing.

        I can see a link between pitching and full swing. Tiger is REALLY struggling with his chips.

      • Monte Scheinblum

        Mike, it makes perfect sense and no sense at the same time. the timing angle of attack and release are all generally the same. I am a believer that the more consistent your motion is through the bag, the better your overall game will be.

        It begs the question. Why didn’t he copy his chipping motion into his swing instead of the other way around?

    • banner12

      The problem with Tiger is simple:


      He’s 35 and that is the time when all golfers(with rare exceptions being golfers who have long, languid swings), begin to decline. And he can go through all the swing changes under the sun and it ain’t gonna help.

      Basically, he’s done…

      • Mike from Canada

        You could be right banner, but I have read that a golfer’s prime is actually in his mid-30s because you now have the mental game and still have the physical attributes. Now, in Tiger’s case, he had the mental game earlier, so maybe his prime is over since he appears to have lost his mental game.

  5. falcon50drvr

    What did you think of Toms? He has been swinging it pretty well as of late, just couldn’t convert on a few putts. Would like to see him in the mix more, real nice guy.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      That’s the key for older guys that haven’t won in a while. Nerves on putts. We are the same age, so I would love to see him win more.


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