Look mom

I can practice for long driving and play good golf.

The first video below is of me swinging a 48″ driver, not as hard as I can, but harder than I normally swing when playing and practicing with my normal driver.

The second one is a 9-iron. Now I remember that swinging a long driver actually helps my swing. I turn better, my transition is better, etc. Why oh why did I listen to all those naboobs who said you can’t do both. I now know it’s not a coincidence that giving up long driving and my game going downhill coincided. Not the only factor, but an important one.

I maxed out at 126mph on a few Trackman swings and 184 on ball speed. There is no question that when I lose some weight, get a litter stronger in the core and upper arm and continue to dial it up to 100%. 135 mph and 200+ of ball speed is well within reach by October.

I could have maxed out at 130 today, but I would have hurt myself and learning to make better contact at those speeds will come with practice and result in higher ball speeds and distances.

I am going to be sharing videos of my progress and what I am doing to train.

Tomorrow, I leave to go work with Frank. He did not get in this week to the ATT, but he is likely to get in the next 5. The parallel goal is to get into the PGA and the top 125. He will likely get in many of the fall series events too.




  1. sssc (@sssc)

    hey, pro. following & tracking your progress to the long drive event is going to be fantastic. ty for sharing it with us!

  2. Robert Saunders

    “Why oh why did I listen to all those naboobs who said you can’t do both?”
    Prove them wrong, Monte!

  3. Peter

    Hi Monte….love your site…..have a question….I took a lesson and on the video showed that “I was losing lag right from the top, left hip was not cleared much and there was little extension” advice was to Leave my hands and arms dead at the top and clear my left hip to start the downswing….also to keep my head stationary behind the all….reading about the power release makes so much more sense to me…am I to going to lose power allowing my forearms to gradually rotate to impact and finish.


    • Monte Scheinblum

      As long as arm rotation is connected with the body rotation, not only is there loss of power, there is increased power.

      The more things rotate together, the farther the balls goes.

      • Monte Scheinblum

        It’s one of many ideas. Everyone has different skills and minds that think differently. I suggest different ways to get the same results and it’s up the the reader to find the ones that work for them.

  4. Peter

    Hi again….just to follow up..I was looking at one of you vids where you mentioned starting the DS by turning your left shoulder away from the target….is this your main idea when it comes to the DS?


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