I am having a hard time

not being a self righteous boob…and I find myself crossing the line everyday.

My first 2-5 lessons with a new student is ridding them of incorrect assumptions. Luckily, I am able to manipulate the club and prove it to them. Then manipulate their bodies and proving it to them some more.

Many lessons are me saying something and getting a blank stare as if I have lost my mind.

Then I get, “…but (fill in cliche).”

I often put my body at risk so I can manipulate their swing while they are hitting the ball.

The results end up in earning trust, but it is very frustrating.

The same happens when I help someone on Golfwrx and respond to comments on my YouTube videos.

Had a guy on YouTube arguing “hold the lag” with me. Had a guy on Golfwrx tell me his club was shut when it was wide open…but he was told a club face pointing to the sky was shut.

Well, not if your arms are flat and stuck behind you and the club is square to your left arm…I didn’t even start the, “Shut to what?” debate.

Most are not nasty, just confused, but I just want to commit violent acts against those who condescend me with bad information…lol.

On a plane today to go work with Frank. Working with him is great. I earned his trust (Which is job #1 with any new client). I tell him something, he chimes in with what he was told before, I respond with what bad things result, he curses, says that’s exactly what happened, he does what I suggest and is thrilled with how it feels.

Right now he is still a bit caught in between what we are working on and what he was doing before. However, he knows exactly what to do. My job right now is only to be an educated pair of eyes and remind him when he gets lax with something that is important to him…and not say anything stupid that will confuse him.




  1. Robert Johansson

    People in the golf industry are misinformed over the years, not helping with ideas as S&T or golf forums when people have no idea how their brain and body learns.
    Sean Fooley the next generation golf swing? yea right dude.
    I spent more time shaking my head how incorrect the field of golf is and how little good there is there and more confusion than actual straight forward ideas.

    Leadbetter thanks to faldo destroyed 2 generation golfers.
    Its simply out horrible.

  2. exilgolfer

    It sounds like you are describing Tiger in your last paragraph 🙂

  3. Mike Divot

    Monte, you and Frank know first hand how pervasive swing crack is. How even a dumb idea can sound like it’s been delivered straight from Mt Sinai, if it’s said with enough conviction.

    So what hope do the rest of us have? When Humble Slacken, coach of Peeve Dillon (winner of last week’s PGA tournament), stares down the camera and says with 100% certainty, “to properly accumulate the pronation in the impact telephony, feel like you’re waving your ass at a passing flock of ducks”, then we’re going to go out and try it. And tell ourselves, “maybe I’m not waving it with enough SASS! And tell others on the range, “no, you have to wave your ass at them, like this:” [SHANK]

    You are not really fighting against your pupils’ stubborness and wilfulness.

    You are fighting the whole wrong-headed golf teaching industry, with its years upon years of “holding lag”, “swing the handle”, “X factor” and on and on and on.

    It’s David and Goliath. (But who won that fight?)

    It’s a great thing you are doing, and you can only do it one student at a time. Keep up the good fight!

    Go Monte!

    • Monte Scheinblum

      What a great comment. This is tomorrow’s post along with videos of Frank and I putting in front of the Medinah clubhouse.


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