I received an exemption to the ReMax

I was the only senior who was given a special exemption to the world long drive championships in October.

LINK to press release

I have some serious training to do. Mostly getting in shape and learning to “swing hard” again. My max swing right now is only about 80-85%. The analogy I give is a 95 mph fireballer shows up to spring training and starts out at 80 mph and works his way up to 95 for the season.

I am in spring training now. My max is about 125 mph of club speed and that only produces about 180-185 mph of ball speed (Legit Trackman numbers).

The other problem is I am not in good enough shape to last multiple rounds of warming up, swinging hard and cooling down. I would break down physically.

I don’t think I will have a problem getting to 130+ and and 195-205 mph which puts me right in the ball park of the elite senior long drivers.

I am also heading out next week to work with Frank again. The hope is that it will be in Bethesda.




  1. Wally

    Good luck Monte, all this Pussy stuff of learning the “PROPER GOLF SWING” has probably taken seventy yards off your swing. Get your hands High and swing hard enough to get a freakin’ hernia

    fan Wally

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Not quite seventy, but your general statement is correct.

    • woody

      Was the Monte championship swing a “high hands” swing?
      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KoiDStMAhYk&feature=relmfu (0:05)

      And, aren’t high hands dependent on shoulder width, arm length, flexibility, and lack of chest bulk? I see no magic in high hands (or low hands).

      What I see is the big muscles firing in the proper sequence. But, strong abs are important too, and should help fight fatigue (as well as hernia).

  2. projectscratch

    Dude, I’m going to the Bethesda tournament Thursday! I hope to see you and Frank there!

  3. Bob

    Monte, I thought the goal was to qualify for some PGA events. Now back to long drive? Why? Just because you can……..

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Here is the thing. I quit long driving because people told me I couldn’t do both. People told me (among other things about my game), that I shouldn’t have a lateral move.

      The more things people told me not to do because…the worse I got.

      I had some of my best tournaments after a long drive contest.

      When I work on long drive, my tempo gets better, as does my balance and my release. I just need a few days of wedge practice afterwards.

      • Bob

        You know your game better than anyone! We are in your corner!

  4. Mike Divot

    Go Monte!!!

  5. Mike Richardson

    Hi Monte

    how far does Trackman say you carry the ball with a driver with your 125 swing with a solid hit?

      • Mike Richardson

        That’s huge! Long par 4s as a good drive and short iron must be bliss. It’ll be great if you sharing your training program with us helps us increase our swing speed by 5+.

  6. Attack and Release

    Monte, how are you planning on “getting in shape”?

  7. Tony Bumstead

    I too would like to know how you go about increasing your swing speed. With age mine has been going the other way for years

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Stay tuned. I will be writing about my progress and training methods.

  8. Jason

    To all those poeple that say you can’t do both Long Drive and PGA/ Nationwide tours……F*#k them!!…………..just do it. You know you can Monte.



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