Lickliter made it through second stage of Q-school

After nearly shooting himself out of it the first day by carding a 74, he followed up with 69-68-69 to finish 13th when 19 and ties advanced.

His hard work has paid off. Hopefully he will get his confidence back, get full status on the in a few weeks and play his way back on the PGA Tour for 2016.

This is all he has needed for a while. A watershed moment to build on.

It is also a big moment for me. The second stage of Q-school was what derailed my career and kept me from achieving what I had the ability to achieve. Through Frank, I vicariously exorcized a few demons.




  1. Jake Gilmer

    That’s awesome news Monte. Congrats to both of you guys! Hope to see him back on the big stage with you out on the range

  2. Ryan

    Congrats to both of you monte!

  3. pcb_duffer

    Congratulations to Frank, and a tip of the hat to the coach that helped get him there. I didn’t recognize many names on that leaderboard, and other than Frank most of the ones I did pick up on were on the wrong side of the line. I’ve played that course, and honestly I’m surprised that the leaders didn’t go deeper. Obviously they set it up as a stout test. How was the weather?

    A course here also has a second stage event, next Tuesday – Friday. The biggest name I recognize on the list is Bubba Dickerson. Also Kevin Hall, the deaf player who went to Ohio State and who has been here before, Gavin Coles, an Aussie who’s been up & down on the tour several times, and Paul Claxton, who has also bounced between the tours.

  4. Mike Divot

    Great news. Go Frank, and go Monte!

  5. James

    Way to go Frank! Good job! And a great job working with him Monte! What ball did he use for Q school?

  6. Chuck

    Monte, regaining confidence can be more challenging than rebuilding a swing for a lot of people. Once very talented people fail perhaps for the first time well into adulthood, this can be powerful because their core belief of being ‘invincible’ is gone forever. Rebuilding comes partly from getting used to the challenge (and MAJOR kudos for second stage where so many fine golfers wilt! This has to help, especially after opening round.)but IF the person has dug a new mental ‘trench’ where his habit is to veer time after time into doubt, then he has to also deliberately dig a new ‘trench’ of confidence. Not unlike making a swing change, except the domain is mental and not physical. The process is similar.


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