How to use my blog and videos.

I have written a few thousand posts and have well over 100 videos.

Is the swing that complicated?…NO!!!!!!!!

If you pick out 30 random videos from my channel, you would be hard pressed to see them cover more than 3 or 4 things.

1. Setup
2. Backswing
3. Transition
4. Rhythm

That’s it. You figure out where your issue is, then find the video/post that makes sense to you.

For example:
1. Lead with the right elbow
2. Bump, Dump and Turn
3. Zipper away drill

…and many many more, are designed to get the same outcome, from different people with different ways of perceiving things. People whose hips spin out of sequence and/or people who steepen the shaft in transition will be helped by one of these videos, but not all three. The boject is to find what works for you.

…1 thing that works for you.




  1. Jake G

    Great post. Like I’ve said to you before, that is the genius of your teaching. Being able to communicate with such a variety of fields to accomplish the same effect. I have been through all of your video several times. Some work for me, some don’t

  2. Road Runner

    Monte, the one video that had the biggest effect for me, was the one with the joined together alignment sticks; to show rotation around the spine. I think you did it as a result of people being thrown by the effect that secondary tilt would have.

    Could you have a think about the following, maybe pass a comment and even consider doing an update?

    First do the rotation with forward tilt and no secondary – the low point is out in front you. How far out would depend on many factors but the direction would not.

    Second drill is to have no forward tilt, so whilst standing vertically add in some secondary tilt. This time the low point is off to the righthand side for a right hander, parallel to the target line. Again the distance out would depend on many factors but the direction would not.

    Third drill is to take up the full golf posture I.e. have forward tilt and secondary but before doing it, picture where the low point is now. It cannot be directly in front and it cannot be to the right, so it must be somewhere in between?!

    Once I pictured that in my mind, the path of the right shoulder seems to look after itself. I am not talking perfection here, just a much narrower corridor than before and hence more consistency.

  3. Chris

    We had a frost delay yesterday so I couldn’t start mowing greens for awhile- off to the range I went to kill some time.

    Decided to work on the “50yd” drill since it was cold and I had no gloves. I remembered you saying that virtually everyone who tries that drill ends up taking a full swing. About 30 swings in, I’m loose, ball flight is ok, few hooks here and there- wonder what it looks like? √úbersense, 5mins of video, and me laughing to myself, because my “left arm straight and parallel to target line with a full wrist cock” and then downswing was actually stopping just short of parallel with a full turn.

    I wondered at the time, how can this 9-3 swing hit it almost as far as my full swing? Well the truth lies within the video.

    Feel is most definitely not real within our golf swings.

  4. Mark

    I appreciate all that you do already so take my suggestion with that in mind. Why not organize your youtube content with 4 play lists that include all videos related to each of your 4 items.

    1. Setup
    2. Backswing
    3. Transition
    4. Rhythm

    I’ve never done this before so don’t ask me how.

    Again thanks for all your contributions to the game of golf.

  5. Michael C.

    Is the swing that complicated?…NO!!!

    Agreed. Siphoning through information and figuring out what applies and what doesn’t can be difficult. Video your swing and you’ll find what you’re doing versus what you think you’re doing can be eye opening. Trying to fix an effect instead of a cause can make matters worse. Instructors like you seem to keep things simple for us laymen. I know you can speak the language, but not everyone understands – “supination of the flux capacitor causes adduction of the cerebellum leading to flexion of the scapular patella”. LMAO!!


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