Know a beginner or junior that wants 3 free lessons?

As part of my PGA requirements, I need to give 3 lessons to a beginner or junior and document the progress.

If you or someone you know is interested, let me know.

Have gotten some responses. Thank you for the inquiries, I have some prospects.




  1. Damon

    Hey Monte –

    I have twin 9 yo boys. 1 righty, 1 lefty. How about some skype lessons?

    Think of all the fun you can have with twins!!!

    Thanks for consideration.


  2. Doug

    Can u do online lessons with my 11 year old? I think that would really get his interest going.

  3. Ryan

    I have an 8 year old that would love an online lesson. See you in KC!

  4. Jake G

    Hey Monte, I have a couple of possibilities for you. Couple of old friends from high school with children that are interested. I will check with them and have them contact you if interested.

  5. Woody

    How about a lefty, junior college player that has lost his game? Denver location.

    • Woody

      clarification: junior year in college, scholarship player, just missed Colorado Open qualification by 1 stroke…tough field as past winners have been Brandt Jobe, Steve Jones, Kevin Stadler, Jonathon Kaye, Al Geiberger

  6. sid

    my girlfriend

    • sid

      and she lives in irvine

  7. David Villicana

    Hey Monte,

    This is Dave, metal fab, my son is a lefty and 8 years old. He would really benefit from seeing you. Maybe we could do each of us back to back since I’d like another set of lessons.

  8. Yrrdead

    Could be cool to hook up with someone in the Wounded Warrior program. Would be a little outside the norm depending on the injury and could maybe get with Tour Edge involved as well. Could even put it up on Youtube to help promote Wounded Warrior, would be something I think many of us on GolfWRX would follow/assist with. Just an idea.

  9. Neil

    Does being a hacker like me count as a beginner?

    If not, my daughter is 5 and she really likes hitting the rage with me, but obviously I am no golf coach. When do you need to get this done by?

  10. Giorgio

    Hello Monte,
    I don’t know if I am still considered a beginner, but I still feel like one, the first time in my life that I tried to make contact with a Golf ball was 20 months ago, I was already 39 years old, and 20 months after becoming addicted to the game, I continue to feel like a beginner… If you still need somebody I am really interested!

  11. James

    If you were in my area, I would bring my 10 year old. He says he is ready for lessons. Can you do a junior online?

  12. Chuck Schreiner

    I was a child psychologist before going into business. If you have a kid, especially a teenager who is learning the game, and are local, I want to encourage you to bring them to Monte. My impression is he would be great with them.


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