Good arc putters of today…

To be distinguished from a square to square like Furyk, seem to only arc the toe of the putter and not the heel.

In other words, the toe rotates open and points the face right of the target and rotates to “close” the putter face after impact…but the heel of the putter doesn’t move farther from the target line.




  1. Duncan

    You mean | / ?

  2. Don Lissen

    What is a putt?

    “…the club-head passes through the ball along the line of direction, with its face at right angles to that line…” ~ Ernest Jones

    According to that, the main things to be concerned about would be setting up with the putter square to the line that you visualize, and visualizing the ball starting out on the that line.

    Thinking about what the putter is doing might be a distraction from the result that you want.


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